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    $19.99 Year Hosting! Wow

    Yes of course i can set you up with a trial. Send your details to me at phillip@surrenderonline.com And i will make sure you have a test account you can play with for a few days. Kind regards Phillip
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    $19.99 Year Hosting! Wow

    Hello all, Our special offer today is only $ 19.99 For a years hosting with the following specs and features: ---------------------------- 100 MB Space 1500 MB Of Transfer 10 MYSQL Unlimited Emails Unlimited FTP Unlimited Sub Domains 5 ADD ON Domains Plus all the other...
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    .::Xmas Special::.::Internap Connectivity::.$24.00 Yearly::.

    Hello and welcome to our Special offer. We do not often post specials unless we have something special for all the users of FWS. This deal is not only good for customers looking for shared hosting but its also perfect for the small/medium sized web host that needs a back up...
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    Great Private Label Reseller Plans- Excellent Prices!

    We currently have space for more Private Label Resellers on our Servers! The Following Features come with all plans: WHM 4.7 Cpanel 4.7 ( For your Customers ) 2 IPS For your own PRIVATE NAME SERVERS Unlimited POP3 Accounts Unlimited Auto Responders Unlimited Forwarders...
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    Private Label Reselling Start your Hosting Business NOW!

    hmm. so what do you guys suggest? The price of the deal should be bandwidth at cost price? How about paying staff? Server Co Lo? and the price of Cpanel WHM per server! I know what you mean about bandwidth but you have to consider all aspects in one... people most of the time just look...
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    Private Label Reselling Start your Hosting Business NOW!

    Well Well if HDD space is nothing i would be offering 10 gigs per reseller account and over selling it to 10 resellers on a 40 gig hdd. We do not want to over sell space or bandwidth and there are a small amount of resellers per server to keep load down but server speed up. Space is...
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    Private Label Reselling Start your Hosting Business NOW!

    Did you forget Did you also notice that you get another 500 megs space with that deal :o) Kind regards,
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    Private Label Reselling Start your Hosting Business NOW!

    Over the Past 2 Months we have had more than 50 emails asking us 'when are we going to offer more private label reselling packs' We have Finally been approval to offer more bulk reseller packages on our new "Reseller Only" Servers... What you get : Bulk Reseller 1 800 megs space...
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    Buy One Get One Free

    Buy One Get One FREE Welcome all good people of FWS! For a limited time we would like to offer you this excellent deal on our shared hosting accounts. Our April "buy one get one free" means the following: Buy any of our packages online at www.surrenderonline.com/hosting.html...
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    Any Interest in This?

    Everyone You know what i dont understand every 13-17 year old thinks his gods gift to web hosting... And because they are a senior member what does that mean exactly? What you know better? Or you had enough time at school to post more replies / threads than anyone else! This in no way is...
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    30% Off All Virtual Plans

    Thats right everyone... :D To celebrate the EASTER BREAK we have decided to SLASH all our Virual Hosting Accounts by 30% Thats right 30% OFF All virtual accounts!!! This offer is for a limited time Only! All VIRTUAL ACCOUNTS are reduced by 30% To Our Usual RESELLER PRICE>>>...
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    Cheapest Ever Deal With more Quality than $$$

    He is the same Person! Since were on the topic my new reseller account deals are up! There is some super savings there not bad at all you can check them out at www.surrenderonline.com/reseller.html Thanks again!
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    WOW.. Super Cheap Hosting with FREE DOMAIN ( YOURS TO OWN)

    Which domain? Due to the lack of support of our old domain company they allowed out name to expire without informing us... We reregisterd it then! And i suggest if you are competitior not to comment and look at your own company first before making comments about others~! This is a...
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    WOW.. Super Cheap Hosting with FREE DOMAIN ( YOURS TO OWN)

    No Offence either We have been running for over 2 years with this name in the corporate and business sector with no hint of anything pornographic. We do not host any porn sites or illegal material on our quality service.... The name when it originaly began was abit of a Marketing bid to...
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    WTF? Cyberwings!

    Im not sure how they can offer this Its funny how a company that has been operating for more than a year offer something like this! We ourselves offer some excellent LOW end Hosting solutions but this is plain impossible... The lack of smtp server is a smart idea to lower costs by a big %...