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ZeXXo - 100 MB, Unmetered BW, Online File Manager


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ZeXXo.com offers:

+ 100 MB Web Space
+ Unmetered Bandwidth
+ Web-based file manager
+ you.zexxo.net subdomain
+ web counter
+ chat room
+ password protected directory
+ Max. Filesize 2 MB
+ Glitter Text Generator
+ Banner Generator
+ Privacy Policy Generator
+ Meta Tags Generator
+ Email Forwarding (you@zexxo.net)
+ Instant Activation

Due the nature of our service, we do not offer FTP access, databases or scripting languages like PHP / Perl. Our mission is to provide a reliable service to webmasters, which is why services that could be abused are not available.

We do not allow:

+ spamming to advertise your site
+ illegal / copyrighted content
+ adult sites
+ hotlinking


Thank you for your interest



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That's a pretty good free web hosting plan. I really like the email forwarding feature.

Is your web counter a script like awstats or webalizer or is it a line of code that webmasters can add to their site?

Feel free to add zexxo web host to my free web hosting dir (link is in my signature).


PS: Your domain might be mistaken with something else :p.


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Thank you for your comments :)

There are two different counters. One is a visible one (in diff. colors) and the other one is a visitor vs search engine counter (invisible). It's basically all plug-in code so webmasters can add it where they want to see / not see it.

Sure, it's maybe "not enough" to some people - However, a stable geocities like service is worth more than 100 features which could slow down a server (mysql / php especially).

Thanks again for your feedback


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we do not offer FTP access, databases or scripting languages like PHP / Perl

oh, no``````


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I think you only get a subdomain in the form of "yoursite.zexxo.com".
Look in there knowledge base: http://zexxo.com/free_hosting_knowledgebase.html

o you provide real domain names such as yourname.com?

* No, ZeXXo provides a free sub-domain with every account. Your sub-domain will be userid.zexxo.net. However, you may register a domain name and redirect it to your ZeXXo sub-domain. Please check your registrar's forwarding options to do so.


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we do not offer FTP access, databases or scripting languages like PHP / Perl

oh, no``````
That's one way to see it :) The other option is knowing there won't be speed or reliability issues due people who use up all server resources cause they don't care about other accounts hosted on the servers.

Of course there are tons of free hosts who offer CPanel, PHP, Perl and databases, but look at them in 6 months and they are either gone or you'll get "too many connection" errors or slow loading pages.

Our mission is offering a better Geocities (without ads) for webmasters who are interested in reliable services and real support. We simply don't want to excuse ourself because yet another abuser killed mysql or because someone hotlinked his/her images on some porn forum with thousands of views per second.

All that said, it's a perfect offer to switch from a freehost like Tripod or Geocities or if you just want to be online.

As for the domain question:
We do not offer domain parking etc because our sub domain is the only branding option for our service as we do not place any ads on a users web site. Somehow we want to grow too and since there are no ads people will at least learn about our free service by checking ou the main domain name.

Thanks for your interest and comments.

Feedback is always great - no matter if good or bad ;)