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WTB New Phone. Kthnx.


Really bored of my iPhone 3G. Contract expires back in Aug, and now it's just same old same old.

To sail the Android ship or the Blackberry ship?

I'm liking the Moto Milestone, but it looks like the backside of Jade Goody.

Blackberrys just look so complicated, but the new Storm looks reasonable.

Android. Blackberry data service goes down ALL the time.

I've never noticed any issue with blackberrys, most people are like "Mine not workinggg" and then mine is? So..I'm not sure if I can agree with you.

I currently use a blackberry curve, but I'm planning on upgrading to the Tour once I get a chance.

Once you get it down, blackberrys are pretty easy to manage, but I've heard the Android is simplicity.
Motorola droid is nice. If you liked the iPhone but are bored go with it, its open, so more customizations.
really surprised you are leaving y ou iPhone behind, but, i suggest Android though if you want something nice that isnt an iPhone.
Well, I have one of each. A Blackberry Tour and an HTC Hero.

I like the Tour as my primary phone, because of the keyboard and I do a lot of texting and email. But other than that....Android beats it hands down. So much third party support for Android, tons more apps that are free (blackberry app world is quite poor considering its competition), and unlike Blackberries, Android devices are really inovating, whereas every year the new Pearl/Curve/Bold/Tour/Curve 2 is basically a minor refresh of old hardware and old software with little changes.

That being said, my primary phone is still my Blackberry Tour. Superior battery life, physical keyboard (obviously you can get this on an Android device), and push email no matter who your service is thru.

I realize this post helped you none, and probably just confused you more.
Thanks for the replies guys. Android it is ;) But not the Milestone, no carriers have it over here, and not worth the £450 outright price.

Don't really have a major use for a Blackberry if the apps are a bit meh. Plus apparently the Storm 2 is meh.

Xperia X10 in Febuary though.
i would also suggest finding some non-biased stuff to read.

If you want a comparison between the Mobile OS X and Android devices, that website's series of articles does a very good job of offering a comparison.

Read it before deciding it is biased. :)