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Would you like to help develop Lunarpages.com?


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I would like to help develop Lunarpages.com into a service with more features, unfortunately i have somewhat limited time right now to do so.

But if it is anyone out there who want to support this fast and adfree service by adding more functionallity to it. Please send me an email, it would be very appriciated. And yes.. you would get something out of it :)

Anyone with decent experience in perl, php and mysql out there?



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Urrrghh...HomePage Builder...I'm sorry. (www.lunarpages.com/cgi-bin/new.cgi)..

You know a host won't be around long if they forget to change the "url.com/username" part...I mean, don't you know your own domain name?

Ted S

New Member
Max, if you're itnrested in going 'big', I do custom modifications and database plugins for free homepage communities along with total hosting consulting. Let me know if you need anything, even if you just want to chat.
PHP, CGI, it doesn't mean sh*t if you don't have a sweet design. I would suggest going with a LIM SAT picture of the moon surface as a page or table background and a button layout of similar sorts to keep with the whole LunarPages thing. OH, and get a form mail script.
Thanks for listening.

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I agree with most of that, except for the signature...unlike Neo, I'm not voting for any communist (er, liberal) party anytime soon.

Proud Republican!


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Please comment signatures somewhere else (General Forum). We don't want to start a political debate in each thread where someone has a signature containing some political message... Thanks.

Now back to the topic of this thread.


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Design wont do shit if your service sucks..

No fancy graphics or anything is needed, just a basic simple clean looking user interface people can easely interact with.

I think most users of any free webhosting service would not care how their webhost pages look like, as long as they are functional.

I have had a few ugly interfaces, but they where easy .. they where very sucessful..



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I disagree. Sure, design isn't really that important, but if the host's site looks anything but professional, people are going to think the service is unprofessional too.

- Ty


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Doesent really matter if you get massive traffic.. then you weed out all the loose edged people, and get enough signups anyway :)


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I would love to help out Max! i have experence in Perl, PHP and MySQL so just email me at deepspacedynon@hotmail.com and what do i out of it but i will do it for free! I live in australia so i would need telnet to set it up!