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Why DCs in UK are so expensive?


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I was just thinking the other day. Where I need to place our new cloud system (in which country and DC). Guess what I have done the research which showed me the following:
1. the Netherlands (are the cheapest) with Level 3 backbone conection
2. Germany with RedBus backbone
3. United Kingdom (Telehouse backbone)

As United Kingdom has the biggest penetration of the internet and technologies in Europe I still do not get why the prices of DC space are so high. Maybe somebody could give me thoughts about it?
Ups I just have noticed that I have posted my post to wrong forum :( admin would you be so kind and move the post where it should be? Thank you and apologies...
1. Bigger salary packages
2. Higher taxes(Just did a google and found it to be around 17.5 percent of vat! That picks up the cost quite a lot)- I believe this is a major factor .
3. Currency conversion ratios comparing with other economies .
4. Rift between poor and rich
- Rich get richer quickly , poor get richer at a much slower rate(worldwide phenomenon)
5. U.K. has been more serious about carbon cuts than U.S. as per experts(read your local daily) , which certainly raises your costs .
6. More powerful Internet backbones and economies of larger scale .

My two cents . Could be wrong , But I belive not...
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I do not think that the perfomance in UK is better or service is better etc. I think that is because of region. There are some regions where you get web hosting even cheaper then in USA.
Acttually I have never investigated that and they are my thoughts.
That is market standard I believe. I believe using good US web hosts you will have good connection speed as well in Europe
Depends on what UK host you go with most do rob you but shop a round you will find some very good UK daterceneters.