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What do you think is the most over-rated movie/game/whatever?

just once I'd like to read in the Enquirer about how some hot-shot celebrity chick is marrying a nobody office janitor from Queens.

Celebrities should never be allowed to marry celebrities.
my top 5 overrated hollywood crap
-Gangs of New York
-Clockwork Orange
-the Godfather movies
-David Lynch movies

my top 5 overrated hollywood crapsters
-Renee Zel-yuk
-Ben Affleck and his ridiculous chin
-Penelope rat-face Cruz
-Jennifer Connelly..she's not attractive, she can't act, so what's the story with her being in everything??
-Halle Berry..didn't she kill someone while she was DUI??
Two things, first Religon in general.

Next riced up excels (australians know what im talking about).
Hmm, I dunno, some of those done up Excels look alright. I wanna get an old Holden EH and hot that up, mmmmmmmmmm.

Oh yea, Ashton Kutcher and that "punk'd" bullshit. wtf?!?!?! How stupid. What a stupid, stupid show.

jackass...jackass is stupid. So many people like it, and it's just retarded. Some guy here literally had his face ripped off his skull copying some stupid shit they did on that show.