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what can we do with freeshell?

actually it's netbsd running on a dual-cpu alpha 5305. but, yeah.
it's a server for unix shell accounts. meaning that you can log in remotely via telnet or secure shell and execute various and sundry unix commands.

from the page: users (free) !!! actually it's a dollar.
20mb home, 20mb web, 20mb mail
elm, pine, mutt, mailx, rmail, pop3
bash, ash, ksh, tcsh, rc, zsh, tclsh
lynx, cgi and php4 scripting
icq, talk, commode chat, bboard
hundreds of UNIX utilities

arpa ($36 lifetime access)
100mb home, 100mb web, 100mb mail
one time donation for membership
all features of the 'users' account
private 'arpa' member server
telnet, ssh, ftp, ytalk, irc, snarf
gcc, lisp, perl, python, ruby, et cetera
access to additional memberships below

I dont understand how you upload your files through telnet ... someone help :(
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Download CRT from http://www.vandyke.com .

Install it, open it and connect to freeshell.org with your log in details.

Now you get something like a command line where you can use some UNIX commands.
If you want to find out what command you can use type "help".

that's it :)

btw: the freewebspace of freeshell.org su*cks because their server is a) slow and b) often down
Yeah... what I mean is something like freeshell.org. But I still don't know for what purpose do we use freeshell? Just for email or webspace? What's the advantages?