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What are you ppl looking for in a Web Host?

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Leave CLAWZ alone

Let him do whatever he wants

Nobody starts big and I know that

but T1 is like only less than $1000 in Canada...


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Well, I'm trying my best to keep my service up.
And at least my IP doesn't change, thank goodness!

So, for all your Domain Hosting users on Clawz.com
Change your primary DNS to:

Gonna start up a BBS on Clawz.com now...


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Oh yea, about that T1 thing
I need to rent/buy some office space. cheapest I know of is when a new building is being built.
so that will eat up more $$$.
and I can sure say that I don't make $1000/month.

T1 has to be in those commercial buildings type.


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Ok, the BBS is done, UBB
Will be added to Clawz.com when I'm done editing the sign up script.
so this would mean that you must be a registered user of Clawz.com to post.


If i'm correct you are in burnaby right now, right? I'll bet you could get a building for real cheap lease/rent on E. Hastings street where all the addicts hang out. It wouldnt be that bad because your customers would not have to see where your building was. heck you could probably buy a whole city block for a quarter mil.(only problem would be keeping them from living in your doorway.)

you dont have to take me seriously if you dont want to ;)

and about cheating your users- dont do that thats bad.


i heard that you can get 4 mb of bandwidth from stream.ca for $400 a month.. its burstable too 1 - 1000 mb so i hear.
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