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(Web)Comic Site

Cheap Bastard

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I tried to go for a heavenly color scheme (always found light color schemes easier on my eyes). May develop a hellish color scheme later on as I expand the site and user options... ("i'll be back")

  • NOTES:
  • Everything above the top comic nav bar/tower ad is still unfinished. Basically it's displaying 3 options for my main menu (3 cylinders, boxes, 1 cylinder), and in orange a reminder (for me) of my (current) main menu links. I'm leaning towards 3 cylinder option... It has room to expand, still leaves room for a second logo to the right of it (with the name GameSphere Comic), and doesn't leave me with ~600pixels to fill for a 2nd logo. The main logo is still incomplete. It will be flash with an animation (slightly fading halo) with an easter egg - a funny when you click it. Right now it might as well be an image though...
  • The comic is about 2 guys and a spherical gaming console. Because of this I tried to use some rounding (top, bottom comic navigation and 2/3 ideas for main navigation).
  • It fits on 800 pixels wide (it's actually only 746px, so scrollbar, borders, etc will fit). Yes, that's archaic, but today's browsers (FF3, IE7, Opera, ...) have zoom anyway.
  • in case you were wondering: the comic uses "Gill Sans MT" for the gamesphere, and "Georgia" for the humans. Fonts for the text on the website (comics info below tower ad; author/translator comments at the bottom):
    font: 14px "Gill Sans MT", Georgia, "Lucida Sans", "Lucida Console", Arial, Helvetica, "Times New Roman", Times, sans-serif;
  • I still haven't chosen a single font for the navigation (I should probably use the same font for both, no?) See what I'm trying to decide between: http://comic.gamesphere.com/fonts.htm
Since I'm clearly not very good at this, I would appreciate it if you could be extra nitpicky.
tested in FF2 (WinXP), IE7 (WinXP), FF3 (WinVista), IE7 (WinVista). Slight differences (FF2 seems to not use "Gill Sans MT" font?, some extra padding in places) but nothing I'd complain about (feel free to complain though, especially if you know how to fix it ;)).

<edit> oh, and thanks for your time :) </edit>


The logo needs a transparent, not white BG for starters, and the navigation is repeated *three* times. Could use some variation in coloring the light blue is a little pale and nasty.

Good layout though for a comic, comic is above the fold which well placed advertisments. Navigation for the comic strip itself looks solid enough

EDIT: ---- yeah, 1000!

Cheap Bastard

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Damn, I wish there was an edit function...

Updated the page: http://comic.gamesphere.com/development/layout2.htm (made it so the link in my original post redirects there).
Want to see the old layout? http://comic.gamesphere.com/development/layout1.htm

The logo's transparent now (and still not finished as I said before), there's now only one navigation (but I'm still not 100% convinced it's the one I want). As for the coloring, as I said I'm trying to go for a heavenly color scheme which is blue skies and white clouds. I could add in some gray somewhere (text links, most likely) but I'm not sure what you suggest I do? I appreciate the effort, but "pale and nasty" isn't much of a direction to point me in, being a guy who's not that good at design.

Thanks for the compliments - I did indeed pay special attention to ad placement.

Congrats on your 1000th post, glad to be of help :)
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Cheap Bastard

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hmm? A quick search would indicate webmic appears to be either some microscope (albeit virtual) and/or related to microphones... so I'm not sure where you're going with that.

Any more comments/ideas for the layout?