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VPS or normal host ?


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i have hosted my site in normal shared host for over 3 years now

now im going to open a new site but i dont know if i should go with
normal shared host that i already know how it works
or try a VPS coz i dont want my site to be slow or
to be Suspended coz of CPU usage

still i dont know whats the different from VPS control panel
and normal website control panel ( plesk or Cpanel )

now all what i need is a host with control panel
and CPU and a ram and it will work like a shared host site

can any one help me with that ?


In my opinion, you should opt for a fully managed virtual private server for the best of the performance. It can be compared to a dedicated server.

There are many features which will definitely help you better in the coarse of development of your website. Let us know if you are interested, we have a lot of offers to provide for a relatively cheaper price.

Shane Melson :)
Well, if your site uses a lot of resources, e.g. a proxy, you should consider going to a VPS, or even a dedicated. A VPS will have the same CPanel as the one on your shared account, perhaps more/less features depending on the host you buy it from, but you *should* also get WHM(WebHostManager) that allows you to resell CPanel accounts. So you could make a different account for each site or give some to your friends etc. You should also get a panel which allows you to restart/reinstall your VPS I should think.

If your website is going to use a lot of resources then a VPS would be your best option but being new to it all, you should go for a fully managed provider. You may pay more but when you find yourself in a difficult situation, you will be glad you made that choice.
I will suggest a VPS to you and specially a VPS with Hostinabox.

The Main thing to remember is that cPanel and Apache are themselves Memory suckers. I have a friend running a forum with 100+ users at a time and HiB just eats around 60-70MB Ram :)

hostinabox runs on Lighttpd and it is Awesome. LXAdmin the control Panel.
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i see ^^
fully managed shall it be
and cpanel / whm

thanx alot ^^

All i can suggest is, if you really need cpanel and WHM then go for it otherwise avoid it. cPanel alone will take most of the RAM which is the thing you are paying for.

It will be like 10 times better if you go for Hostinabox with LXAdmin. Although not and eye candy...it works quite well :)