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Originally posted by stu
what does the word 'valcato' mean? :confused:
It doesn't appear to be an English word according to dictionary.com and Daniel, stu originally asked what is Valcato, hence PaRaDoX's reply. :)
I have been using Valcato for a few days now and have not experienced any problems with them. BTW i am running a phpbb2 forum there :)
Well, two words that you might want to investigate the meaning of: "Who cares?" :D

Anyway, I think pretty much all decent modern hosts have FTP, so does Valcato. They are pretty cheap, and I haven't heard of any problems yet (but they haven't been around for a very long time, so it's not fair to judge).
I've been with them for about a week. They have good tech support through their forums and so far, I've had no problems with them. I've also heard good things about them so...

They're also cheap
Actually, Valcato does not mean anything at all.

To be honest, I was on a long haul car journey one day a few months ago. It was in the back of my mind that I needed a new name for Asp2.Net (because everybody kept on asking what that meant, and kept linking us with the Microsoft ASP technology, which, being a UNIX host, we didnt support.

I was just about to fall asleep (I obviously wasn't driving) when it popped into my head, as if from nowhere...Valcato...so I tapped it into my cellphone and when I got home dug out the dictionary to see where it had came from, also gave dogpile.com a few words to search on...

...Alas, yes, it had came from nowhere, and wasnt a trademark, company name, in the dictionary, and most importantly the .COM of it wasn't taken, so I grabbed it, worked on it, and http://home.valcato.net/ is what you see today.

A brief history, thanks for reading!

~Jerome (Valcato)
I am have been with valcato for couple of weeks now and everything seem to be pretty good, except occasional downtime for a short amount of time, like right now, that's why I am surfing around and into here, otherwise I would be enter data into me database.

But other than that, the service been great, and the price is even better for me since I am not making any money

Just as I am posting this message, site is working again, well, back to work now

that little downtime was because one of our connections was acting up on us so we went into action and switched to another connection. Also, I reset the server, which takes about 7 minutes too boot up fully.
Originally posted by webgod2001
Microsoft ASP technology, which, being a UNIX host, we didnt support.

Why not? We do :cool:

BTW...reboot using
/sbin/shutdown -rfn now
and it will be back online within about a minute.
Anything else ya wanna know? :D
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Sure, Apache ASP, but not ASP.NET.

ASP.NET is exclusively for Windows, and Windows alone.
Originally posted by Bruce
Sure, Apache ASP, but not ASP.NET.

ASP.NET is exclusively for Windows, and Windows alone.


you can get .net on unix

the best version of asp for unix is called "iASP"
Who said anything about useless Apache ASP? We don't use that junk... Did you check that page I posted? If we had Apache ASP, then that's what it would have said, but it didnt. It said VBScript version 4.0
So you aren't using the Chili!Soft-ASP/3.6.2 for that page? I don't really know enough about it, but I didn't think VBScript was the same as ASP.

MS offers Visual Basic .NET (according to their site) for the platforms:

Microsoft Windows® XP Professional
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
Microsoft Windows NT® 4.0 Workstation
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server

...and Windows Script 5.5 (install Windows Script containing Visual Basic Script Edition (VBScript.) Version 5.5, JScriptR Version 5.5, Windows Script Components, Windows Script Host 2.0, and Windows Script Runtime Version 5.1) for the following platforms:

Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000

Can you post a URL of the info page for MS ASP on linux, as someone asked me about this and the only thing I have is some linux ASP which isn't what they wanted, and I don't have windows servers.
Yes, ChiliSoft is what we use.....which by the way is now owned by Sun Microsystems and being renamed. I'm not sure about the .NET stuff though. I do know the Chilisoft stuff supports full Visual Basic stuff. I was playing around with some ASP scripts and ran into an issue about Access Databases, but more than likely I was doing things wrong. To have ASP on Linux, ChiliASP is the best you can get.....and a great deal better than ApacheASP. Most of our programmers for futurecard and other stuff are NT programmers, who are saying they have been able to do all the stuff on our Linux servers that they normally do on their NT servers. That's why I figured when I got the Access errors, that it was something I was doing wrong. Unfortuanately, I simply dont know enough about ASP to be able to give you much usefull information on ChiliASP other than those using it tell me works just the same and no-one has reported any issues .:cry2:

edit:::: the new page for ChiliASP is http://chiliasp.com/chiliasp/default.asp
The software is renamed to "Sun ONE Active Server Pages" (I preffered simply 'ChiliASP' :confused: )
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ChillSoft ASP is based on a old version of ASP

iASP is based upon the new version of ASP .. however its not free