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Valcato contacts

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So, just a minute ago one of the server admins comes on line on MSM, I send him a question on whats going on. He says,"If anyone asks me about servers, I block them. And HE DID.

No information, no consideration for customers. What do I tell my people. The server admin is having a bad day. He just doesn't want to talk about it....

Now that's what I call customer service!!
Considering you contacted one of the server admin's personal IM then he has the full right to block you and say anything to you since it is not his professional IM. I don't think you should say this shit just because someone wont answer you on his personal IM system. Now come on.
Ok, im Valcatos Support Technician.

And yes, as you all know, were are down at the moment.

Its a serious problem with our servers which we are making every effort to fix as soon as possible.

We apoligise for any inconvience being caused.

I cant give any estimation on time, but personally i hope for it to be back up within the next few hours.

I will keep you all updated.

Once again we apoligise for this.

Thank You.

Liam Gladdy
Support Technician
Valcato Internet Services
This problem is with the 2 servers.

We are in contact with the providers and hoping to sort it as soon as possible

With things like server moves and other problems beyond our control we have some downtime recently which we apoligise for.

This problem wasnt planned or expected.

Thanks again.

Liam Gladdy
Support Technician
Valcato Internet Services
Sounds like a hardware issue to me. Can't think of anything else that could possibly take 2 days to fix. If this keeps up I'll be moving my site off Valcato onto one of my own servers, though I got my account with Valcato so I wouldn't have to do this. :(
C'mon they are just ppl as well.. There just are some problems you can't avoid, like a thunderstorm..
Sure downtime sux, but it just exists..
And again, they are just people as well, nobody's perfect..
Ok, Status Report:

I first off want to say on behalf of everyone that is apart of Valcato Internet Services we are truely sorry for the downtime. We had a major problem with our Co Lo that was out of the hands of thema s well as us.

The Co Lo had a major storm in thre area knocking out most all of there internet services. As I have been told the Co Lo's main router was damaged this past Thursday in a horrible thunderstorm. A bolt of lighting jumped there circuit board and there surge protectors all the way to there router. This knocked out all of there internet service to all of there servers and clients. This unfortunately included us.

The router has now been replaced and reconfigured and things are now getting back to normal.

We are agiain deeply sorry for the downtime and too make up for this problem we are going to compensate all of our clients with a free package upgrade!! This means if you ahve a Value package, you will now have a start package, if you have a Start Package, you now have a Business Package, and if you have a Business Package you now have a Corporate Package. If you have a corporate package we will work something out with you on a individual basis.

For our resellers, we have not decided as of rihgt now what wea re going to do, but we are going to compensate you as well. Probably what we will do is upgrade your bandwidth, increase your space, or increase your number of clients, or something like that. We will let you know in the next few hours what we decide.

Again we greatly apologize and we hope we can make this up to everyone somehow.


Liam Gladdy
Valcato Support Technician
Yup, were down again.

I believe that it is a problem with the new router.

We are sorry for this, again.

Rest ashored we are working on fixing this as soon as possible and it is annoying us as much as you.

Thanks you for your appriation in this unfortunate time.

Liam Gladdy
Valcato Support
You guys must be having realy bad time over at Nocster. Haven't heard anyone else having a router problem you must just be unlucky or something.

The Co Lo had a major storm in thre area knocking out most all of there internet services. As I have been told the Co Lo's main router was damaged this past Thursday in a horrible thunderstorm

Sorry I'd have to ask if anyone else at burst/nocster has been down cause if a major storm hit there datacenter and knocked out most of there service's we'd probily all know about it. Anyone else on nocster had there server go down with the storm ?
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