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UK-based ssh host


New Member

Looking for a UK-based host where I can stick a blog, some email accounts and an ssh -D SOCKS proxy. Cheap is good. Anyone?

why do you need ssh access for a blog?
I'm not uk based but i can offer you paid blog hosting .
I must know a few things ,
1. What is your budget ?
2. What is your blog based on ?
3. Is adult content gonna be put on your blog ?
4. Is your blog gonna host any illegal stuff or files or discussions(i cannot host you if it's so) ?
5. Why do you need ssh ?

If interested contact me via pm's or visit my forums to check out my plans(link in sig)
Do care to answer above questions , i'm sure almost every sensible host here wants to know about the same ...
Hi, thanks for the reply.

The ssh isn't for the blog, it's so I can use it as a SOCKS proxy to route personal traffic through the UK. I live overseas, and various tv channels, shops etc require a UK IP address to work.

No adult content or anything dodgy :)
usually hosts at here will not provide ssh access with the hosting account.

please consider to seek for a lower cost VPS which u will have much more freedom to do wat u need.
Hi Russ,

For what you're wanting to do, you'll need a VPS where you will have full root access. Please take a look at our VPS hosting plans that start from as little as £4.99/month.

JSHosts VPS Plans: http://jshosts.com/vps.html

If you have any questions please email sales@jshosts.com or send me a PM on these forums.
Ok russ i understood about proxy routing , but you're not running a tv channel or something .
Anyways , since you say nothing dodgy , i'd like to ask what's your budget ?
I can provide from 100 megabytes upto 100 gigabytes of space and bandwidth is 5 to 10 times respectively .
But it all depends on your budget :)

If you'd like to give me a chance , do pm me or check out my forums for offers .
Btw if it's only a blog you'll be hosting , i have dedicated offers for blog hosting too :)
If you buy one of the blog hosting packages , i will setup that proxy for you personally using ssh or can give you temporary access if that's ok with you :)
Forum link is in my signature for your convenience .
I believe that is a problem to find provider which will give you SSH on the shared web host. What i recommend you is switch to the search of VPS servers there
Ya . I've seen 5 of these within the last few days .
Patience is of virtue , impatience will not bear positive results especially in fields like web hosting and running a website which as heavy patience testers .
Ya . I've seen 5 of these within the last few days .
Patience is of virtue , impatience will not bear positive results especially in fields like web hosting and running a website which as heavy patience testers .

actually most of the time, these type of thread exist in this forum.
new users made request, and leave. without even reply to tell whether he found a host already or not
Agree to that.
Maybe there should be an auto-thread lock after a certain number of days , but only for free requests section so that hosting providers know it's time out
It happens a lot, on a lot of forums, even when people request technical help, the ones requesting it never come back to the response...oh well!
i think the mods should close the threads which have no response from the OP for very long time to avoid ppl post offer without even see the date of the thread...
I second that motion .
There are such settings which auto-lock threads specific to a certain forum which locks the threads after a certain period of time .
I feel these settings could help curbing such problems to some extent .?Nonetheless , splendid job by the staff here .
I haven't seen such prompt response considering the size of this forum is so huge .
Yet the staff efficiency is of par excellence .
Keep up the gr8 job guys . You guys really know how to run this place :D
Also merry christmas to whoever is reading ;)
Have a gr8 year-end
Best regards...
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