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TurboVPS - Would not suggest to anyone


New Member
I have been with turbovps for nilly a month. Although there uptime and some other stuff is good, i would still never ever recommend them to anyone!

They have very poor communication with there customers and several bugs in there whmcs and support does not believe. One bugs prevents me from submitting tickets.

Me and my friend purchased a VPS off them for hosting. And one hosting package was ircd packages and shells. Well we ran into a problem where port 6667 wasn't working. So my friend looked around he couldn't do nothing so he said to me ask turbo. So i asked turbo and port 6667 was blocked and we were like wtf that is pointless.

The reason the port was blocked because of a heavy DDoS attack(168mpbs)

I was told it was getting fixed. Days went by, still blocked. Than i was told admins were adding new DDoS software and i was told a week. I believe a week went by and i was told about 4 days ago that port 6667 would be open by Sunday. In some parts of America it is Monday and port 6667 is still blocked.

This is really completely pointless if i wanna host ircds and shells. I am quite lucky to still have customers right now putting up with this crap.

Along with there bad communication, i sent a support ticket in about the port before i was told it would be done by sunday. This is the what i said, wat the staff said than what i said:

Posted: 01/28/2008 01:51

Hey, i was wondering how long will port 6667 will be open?

Is there away to froward port 6667 to port 6668? If yes, how would it be done?

My customers are on my back to get it fixed, which puts me on your back ;)


Admin Admin
Posted: 01/28/2008 09:47

Our senior admin will be here in 6 hours. We will be in better situation to give you exact solution for this 6667 port.


Posted: 01/29/2008 00:34

So whats the go with port 6667?

Than the ticket was closed by a turbovps with no reply for an admin on it. And still to this moment the admin never told me jack.

I would in no way suggest anyone to buy anything from turbovps!

WHMCS bugs are fixed by WHMCS and not turbovps. IF there is a bug then you should contact whmcs directly and let them know.

What domain do you have hosted with them?
Its not a whmcs bug that everyone gets. For example if you try there whmcs it may or may not work, where if u try my whmcs, it WILL work. It does come on a lucky chance when it does work but rarely.

I don't have a domain with them and i never intend to register one with them. I have a VPS with them.

To own a VPS you need a domain...

I smell something here and its not nice, ay' Capo ;)
Well i found out yesterday that port 6667 wont be open, and as they have been telling me the pass 2 weeks there were installing new software for ddos protection, they are now telling me port 6667 is out of there control and it is blocked on the data centers main router cause the owners r sick of ddos attacks.

The thing with turbovps, they don't alert there customers on things like this, o wait thats right its cause they have very bad communication. They didn't even say sorry or sorry for waiting but its out of our control now, it was just a "no datacenter blocked it on main router" couldn't care no sorry at all.

Else ---- to some other provider... your uptime more important to you than your money, right?

I'd suggest ServerOrigin.com; great guys!
Here you go again?

I believe we responded you on WHT too. You surpassed the money back guarantee and after 45 days you asking refund.
We asked you to see what is allowed and whats not allowed inforums but you still wanted to host IRC which we do not allow.
First you violated our AUP/TOS of running IRC. As we get DDOS because of IRC networks hosted so we blocked irc port on server.

Second you did not pay your bills so we terminated your account. Since then you threatning us on MSN.

Can you show us cancelation ticket which comply our money back guarantee?
And any ticket where we did not met our SLA of uptime or support?

You used our services for month and keep placing order for more and more IP's. You ordered more IP's are 24 days of sign up. If you were not happy why did you order more IP's?
One can read between the line ;)

45 days after we suspended your account for non payment.

Well we never knew you are 14 year old kid. We would have never hosted you otherwise.

On one side you are asking us for credit note and requesting for free domain on other side you are advertising our company :)
This is your email of 27th feb you emailed us saying
"Hey, im still thinking, sorry."

If you want to tell to others about our company then tell the complete story don't twist it and tell in bits and pieces.
All it needs is 1 IP to make it accessible - hence for IRC that would be enough :wink2: