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This is why selling on eBay pisses me off...


Doesn't anybody actually READ stuff these days? Here is the auction in question:


I am a GE/Ericsson dealer NOT Motorola, but occasionally I get Moto or Kenwood stuff in on customer trades or whatever. I have no use for it, so I dump it on eBay for ridiculously low prices to the 2nd hand market.

I've only had one other issue like this and it was when some up tight a-hole purchased a used comcast remote control off me that I found in box of other misc electronic crap and it was missing the battery cover on the back. Once again, I mentioned that in the auction and then he proceeds to open a claim with eBay and they determine fault on the buyer (which rarely happens BTW) and he still leaves negative feedback.

I've been on eBay for over a decade and the people on there seem to be getting worse and worse.

But anyway, this a-hole puts in a "best offer" of $9 each on these, so I accept. He pays $18 for a set of chargers that retail over $50 each, so not bad for him. $18 bucks in my pocket for junk I had not use for. Everybody is happy, right? WRONG! About a week or so after delivery, I send him a reminder on eBay to leave feedback and ask if everything was alright with the transaction. Here's how our message thread went:

Me: Was everything okay with these chargers? Could you please leave feedback for us? We'll be sure to do the same for you. Thanks.

Him: Hi, Sorry for the delay, we just got back from a florida trip. When I opened the package the chargers were there but no cords? I checked back on your ebay listing and it did not say no cords? Please let me know where the cords are? Thx.

Me: I am sorry, but please review the auction page again as it says in bold letters: "NOTE: No AC adapter included." Feel free to write back and I will do what I can promptly.

Him: Hi, I went back and read the ebay ad again and finally saw where you had it in the ad.....Where you had it is not good spot, should have been at beginning of ad or more than one spot, This sucks to be me huh?

Me: I am sorry. If you want, you can send the charger back and I can refund your money to you. But please understand that I did mention the adapter was not included and made the letters bold, so the item was as described and I shipped promptly. If there's anything else I can do, please let me know.

Him: Do you have any cords that fit the 2 rapid chargers that I purchased?

Me: The AC to DC adapaters that I have vary on amperage, polarity and output voltage. The wrong adapter will fry the charger and make it useless. I also have no way of knowing for sure what will fit since I don't physically have the chargers here to verify connectivity anymore. The best bet would be to take them into Radio Shack and see what they have available in terms of wall-wart style AC adapters and see what will fit and what matches the amp requirements. There may be some here on eBay too.

Him: This was a joke buying from you. thx

Me: I am very sorry that you're not happy with the transaction, and it was certainly not intended to be a joke. Please understand that I DID send you exactly what was described in the auction. I also shipped promptly via USPS Priority mail. I have answered every email that you have sent to me promptly. I have also offered a full refund of the purchase price plus shipping, which I usually do not offer on as-is equipment. If you want to send them back, I will be happy to refund 100% of the price. I strive for 100% customer satisfaction. If you feel that I've fallen short of that, please let me know what I can do to rectify the situation. What more can I do?

Him: I will just cut my losses from you as a seller on ebay. Yes, it was a joke because I have purchased other chargers on ebay and they all included the cords and when they did not have it they made sure to say so in more than one spot on their advertisement...I had to go back 3 times to beable to find where you said it was not included, and you had it in between information in different smaller lettering, so good bye!
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What an idiot - I can clearly see the warning and I always read ANYTHING in bold before I purchase a item. It's his own fault he didn't bother reading the auction information.
why not put it in the title tho? easier for everyone.
I have always said though that if we take the warning labels off everything, the world would be a better place!
You even stated no returns, but were prepared to take them back and refund, the auction was clear enough to anyone with 2 communicating brain cells. That buyer is just a waste of skin, unfortunately ebay does have its fair share of em, had a few too in the past.
The first and foremost thing to remember when selling on eBay is that the buyer can do no wrong. Even when you place terms in the auction that are clear and precise, the buyer can STILL open a dispute against you and eBay will side with them over you about 95% of the time. A few years back, eBay removed the option to leave neutral and negative feedback for buyers, but yet buyers can still leave neutral and negative for us. Why is that? Is it not possible for us to experience a transaction with a bad buyer, the same way a buyer can experince a transaction with a bad seller???

As I mentioned above, after over 10 years on eBay and nearly 1000 positive feedback, I get one idiot about a month ago that decides to leave a negative on a cheap remote control. I clearly stated in the auction that it was missing the battery cover on the back. He pays $3.95 for the stupid thing but then gripes when he receives it because it was missing the battery cover. I clearly stated that it was missing! He left a negative feedback for me stating that I refused to refund which is not true. He then opens an eBay dispute. Miraculously eBay determines fault is on HIM and closes the claim. At that point, I still have a negative feedback from him that I'd like to get rid of. So, I offer to refund his money back AND just let him keep the damn remote too, in exchange for a feedback revision. (It would have cost more for postage to return it than what the $3.95 refund would have costed.) He refuses my offer! He could have kept the damn remote AND had his money back too, but he refuses??? WTF!

Here's the link to that auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230583713751
why not put it in the title tho? easier for everyone.

Because on eBay the title is the only place that you can put the searchable keywords for the auction, and it can only be so many characters long. You're better off placing only relevant information in the title such as descriptors, model number, etc. and then placing all of the specifics in the auction description. I am not going to waste 75% of the title space with, "does not include wall adapter."
Oi Chuck, there are some crappy sellers too I've dealt with - goods arrived late badly packaged but not damaged and I left an A+ for them as it was a good deal I got and I got -ve back. Reason 'was slow in paying, bad ebayer, complained a lot for no reason' - slow, I clicked the pay now seconds after the auction ended as I was watching it, asked for the -ve to be removed and got nowhere with ebay, they said I'd been abusive and demanded payment back. Not only had I not, I communicated that it had arrived okay and the packaging could do with a bit of bubble wrap, not just a C6 envelope to make sure they don't get stung for faulty goods.

So both sides mate ;)
Oh, believe me. I understand that there's two sides to the realm. I have received items in bad condition as well. I've also received items weeks after I have paid for them. Sometimes even a month or more! I've ordered radio equipment before and received items that were not even close to what was pictured, missing buttons, wrong model number, etc. So in that case, I can understand the need to complain or demand some kind of resolution.

But the two cases that I have mentioned above were clearly because of buyer ignorance and failure to read the auction before buying and then later complaining because it wasn't as they expected it to be. It certainly wasn't due to customer service issues on my part. I package everything securely in size appropriate boxes with adequate packing material. In most cases, I ship same day if payment is made early enough and I have time, otherwise it will always go out on the next business day. I answer all emails and questions within hours of receiving them. I ship internationally, which is a PITA because of the customs paperwork, but I don't want to exclude folks. What more could they ask for?
Ive tried selling things on there before now and they've either not paid or asked me to do the transaction outside Ebay, both of which are bad ideas.
It's easy when they don't pay. After a week goes by, file a non-payment claim against them and then after another 7 days goes by, eBay will refund your listing fees and issue a non-payment strike against the buyer. No harm no foul. The seller is just out their time.

As far as selling outside of eBay, I'd never do that with somebody I didn't know. However, there's been plenty of times that I've done business with the same people again and again and then we've decided to do further transactions outside of eBay and/or paypal to eliminate them as the greedy middleman and save ourselves the fees. It works out.
That's too bad. Maybe under the title of the item put something like "Items included: Charger - No AC Adapter" or something I don't know. Items included and items not included maybe?
It shouldn't have to be like that. I would like to think the folks on eBay have half a brain, but I guess in some cases, that's simply not true. A one eyed drunk monkey could have known exactly what was included. Some people are just so damn ignorant, that it makes me sick sometimes.
Yeah, my last eBay experience was in January of this year, and it was a nightmare - sold about 100 items, and gave it up after that because it annoys the ---- outta me. The most ghetto-fabulous place on the interwebz, imo. Folks don't pay, don't give correct shipping addresses, don't communicate, etc.