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ThePlanet vs LimeStone Dedicated Reseller Program

Who would you choose, if any.

  • ThePlanet

    Votes: 9 31.0%
  • LimeStone Networks

    Votes: 13 44.8%
  • None

    Votes: 7 24.1%

  • Total voters


It gets better.
Does anyone think this is a okay deal?
When I had a little 'chat' online with a rep, worst chat ever. They never helped. I asked for the Reseller's TOS, he said there isn't any. I asked is there a minimum payment / month, he said no. Then yes, $500. Now, I'm thinking for that $500 / month I could just buy my own darn servers, and sell those...:eek3:

Now, then I had a look @LimeStone Networks. These seems more powerful, but I read ThePlanets blog etc, and their network just got me excited, not to mention the fact they wholly own 6 DCs.

But LimeStone only has a limit of $200 / month, AND you don't get charged an extra fee for not meeting it, all you have to do is pay the meet point. So if I sold $140 worth of servers, for that month I would just pay the $60 for that month.

Not to mention the little mishap that has just happened to ThePlanet, So far LimeStone seems like an reasonable reseller. Who would go with what company in terms of hardware/network.

I'm just researching for the moment.


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I have to say that while their prices are far from the most competetive out there - my experiences with the planet have lead me to believe that in general they are on of the very best.

What is more, recently a fire broke out in one of their Houston facilities etc .. I don't know the extent of the situation exactly but I do know that theplanet have managed to restore a great many of the services that were affected by this unpredicted incident.

This comes from being the very biggest - in the end, I have heard a couple of good reviews about Limestone, so if it suites your business model then by all means go with them, however if you are looking for the best company in terms of network and ability to withstand major cricese etc ... then theplanet is the way to go ;)


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Well, I must say that LimeStone do completely rock. I've been reselling from then for about 2 months now and they are truly amazing!


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I had used ThePlanet's servers around 6-8 months. Superb and preferred network!

The hardware was new, hence I didn't have any hardware problems.


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LimeStone Networks is who GeekLayer uses for one of our nodes, and we actually plan to buy a few more from 'em in the near future. Ryan, the owner of the company, is a great guy - LSN has a very similar look about customer service to what GeekLayer follows - a "personal level of service" where the customer can speak right to the owner if he so desires, which I think a level of communication like that is very important.


It gets better.
Yeah, that's what I was thinking about LSN, ThePlanet's Live Support didn't know the most simple answer of "Where can I find the reseller Terms?" Though I think they should really have them posted in public anyway, not a "Ask to get".

ThePlanet's networks & DC's made me think about them, but LSN's is also good and cheaper.


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Have you tested them?
What do you mean by "testing" the service? most dedicated server companies don't let you "test" their dedicated servers, however you can always tell what kind and how good the company is via testimonials and their network stats etc.


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I will test them when I buy my frist VPS node off them in a month or so :p
Test it for a month then start selling...
Hopfully all gos well
Thanks Dynash for pointing out this company +
|EDIT: Cant + rep you, evenly I need to spread more around, Like a STD!


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I use Limestone as well and they have been more than awesome :) I cannot praise them enough.

My next node I am going to get from Tailor Made Servers out of Colo4Dallas. The prices listed on their site are a bit ridiculous, but if you actually speak to Jose (the owner) he will work you a heck of a deal :)

You may want to check them out as well as the hardware is a bit cheaper from Jose with the same level of network performance.

Just another though... Everyone seems to consider Softlayer to be one of the best providers on the web, but what most don't know is that the Softlayer Dallas datacenter is actually cage space at the Infomart, the same datacenter that Limestone uses for their operations.


I havent used limestone or dealt with them but the person from The planet seems like a new rep. I never had a problem with there agents.


Always moving..
ThePlanet owns their DCs and space. Operates world class hosting. They have a great staff team. One of the most prominent, biggest, famous providers. Enough said.


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To my knowledge LimeStone also owns their own DC's, certainly not to the scale as The Planet but they have their own centers.

Question about their Reseller program.. I signed up for the LimeStone Reseller program, and they sent me an email saying I was accepted but I haven't received any information on how to start reselling the servers..


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Limestone Networks does not own their own datacenter... They have cage and office space at the Infomart in Dallas, TX.

As far as not receiving your reseller info, jump on their live chat and ask for Mike, he will hook you up :)


It gets better.
I knew LSN never owned their own, that doesn't really knock me, because they still have good prices and a decent network. But ThePlanet's still top notch. Nice to see LSN is winning though.
First off I would like to thank everyone for all of the kind words said about Limestone Networks, and myself! I feel it is necessary to clarify some facts about Limestone Networks. I am not the owner, and in fact I am a merely a single pebble in the mountain that is Limestone Networks.

We are a well funded, privately held corporation with many share holders, and a Board of Directors. We have an expert staff of support technicians, network engineers, sales specialist, guided by a world-class executive team with over 50 years of combined industry experience. Our corporate headquarters is in Downtown Dallas, and we maintain our first Data Center within facilities at the Infomart.

The Infomart is a massive facility which is actually modeled after the crystal palace in London, truly a beautiful marvel of modern architecture. I have already had the pleasure of working with several of you, and I anticipate I will have the pleasure of working with the rest at some point in the future. We do have a very competitive and popular Reseller program, which is enhanced by our powerful, one of a kind, proprietary Rockware client control portal, our rock solid network, and of course our superb staff.

I am glad to see we are doing well in this poll, and even more so that there are so many great things that have been said about us!

Kindest Regards,



New Member
Ryan - Limestone said:
I feel it is necessary to clarify some facts about Limestone Networks. I am not the owner, and in fact I am a merely a single pebble in the mountain that is Limestone Networks.
Oops, very sorry about that, for some reason I had thought you to be the owner as I've literally never dealt with anyone other than you over live chat or the phone, just seemed that way. I apologize for the confusion ;)