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Storing WAV files?


New Member

I have a site at tripod.com which has free loops and wav samples for musicians. I have already used up my 50MB of space at tripod and want to find somewhere free to store more wavs. Most of the free hosts i.e. geocities,tripod etc wont let you create an account just to store files which are linked from another page. Does anyone know somewhere that allows this which wont mind me linking to the wav files from my tripod site? I dont really want to move my site from tripod as I have swapped links with various other websites and submitted to the search engines.
BTW the site is http://samplezone.tripod.com

All the sounds are my own (i.e. I own the copyright).

Please can anyone help me!!!

Couldn't you just sign up for another Tripod site (unless it's against their tos) then link to that site from your existing one?

Can you even hotlink tripod files from another site anyway?


Thanks for the reply.
I dont know if tripod will object to that? does anybody know?
I tried mailing them but got a useless automated response about a dummys guide to using FTP!
I dont really want to break tripods TOS and get my site deleted because I have to upload everything via 56K modem and it takes ages!
I had a mail from someone with a similar site to mine earlier who had all the samples for his (tripod) site stored on several geocities accounts but tripod deleted him! Besides I tried geocities and you cannot upload wav files to your account (I think?)

Awaiting your replys
Use Ogg Vorbis, point people to the WinAMP plugin, and make 160 Kbit OGG files. Store them on tripod or something. *shrug*

I had a look at prohosting..It looks cool but in the TOS and the faq section it says that officially you cant host stuff for another site. Does anyone know if they actually enforce this?

Thanks for the help
Just put some of your HTML pages there and link the stored .wav files to those pages - they won't check nor will they care.

Thanks for the help. Ive signed up for an account at prohosting..I will do what you suggested and make a quick page to link to the files...

Thanks for everybodys help and advice.