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SMS/MMS hosting needed


New Member
Hi Guys,

Am still deciding over webhosting but at same time I want
to provide free sms/mms service on mysite and am really
not sure where I can get this.

Am not sure if this thread belongs on this topic but I couldn't
find any other place.

Basically I want to provide 1000 sms and 1000 mms per month, free...

Can anyone suggest a good place to get hosting for this. Am
looking to spend around $20/month.

No private messages please.


I am not sure. If you can tell me what is required and what you need installed then tell me and I can tell you if you could sign up to our services and provide sms and mms services.

Egor Tarabasov
I'm not sure but I do have a phpscript that does send out SMS messages for free, you can contact me for more details.
repoman, I thought that we would have to pay for sms/mms hosting, so am just looking for a webhost that can support this. At the same time, am also looking for Asp/asp.net hosting....

I mainly needed sms/mms, so that viewers of my site can recieve contents on there phone free of cost.


Hey guys,

I used to run a site similar to this, you will need a sms gateway these can be bought off many sms providers etc, apart from that im not too sure, i only helped run a site like this, i didnt set it up!!! Google it and find out
Thanks, ExileHosting....

I will try that but am looking for a cheap service, as my site
isn't that big but if this service is added, my site will
grow allot.

If anyone else knows anything about sms/mms gateways please
let me know.


My understanding is that you sign up for an account with an SMS gateway service. For your website you just need regular web hosting that supports PHP or ASP etc. The data generated then gets posted to the gateway and goes off to the phone.

If you do a search, you will be able to find the exact details of the process and pricing. :)
Yup, a friend of mine wanted to set up something similar. That is the exact thing that happens, but it varies if you want it to be free or paid sms .etc ...it is quite expensive though
Yes your certainly correct repoman, we had so many problems with funding etc that we had to drag in sponsorship for it and we ended up having to get people to pay to use our services. Some SMS gateways can be cheap, but be careful because it's like hosting, cheap isn't always reliable, if you wish to sign up with a SMS gateway please get in touch with me!!!!

AN example of unit costs are here,