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Small Hosting for HTML and CSS


New Member
I want to re-learn HTML and CSS. I need a small account to test the codes.

What I want
  • Be creative. There's no minimum and maximum limit.
  • I want the host to be very stable. Let's say... minimum an year in the business.
  • I want the provider to be mainly a Paid Host (they're usually better).

What I don't want
  • Peanut butter jelly.
  • I don't want offers from Free Resellers.
  • Post-to-Host. I have better things to do.

I would love a very small VPS with about 32MB RAM, 1GB Space and 5GB Bandwidth, for example. :p
Nah... I can load files like index.html even in the Browser.

But maybe checking out one of those providers I will decide to buy hosting from them.
Eddy , i can suit your needs .
I'm into business only for a week now , but have plans to take this to 10yrs and more :)
But you have to trust me , if not , i can't help you .
I need you to tell me what you need , i can afford to give you both paid and free hosting(though i do prefer paid ones coz i've seen them to be more professional in approach , but like i said suit yourself , it's your choice)

Btw for free hosting , i generally do not provide 1gb due to limited resources , but i can do so in select cases :)
So my plan limit is 1gb for free , you can pm me your specs needed and i'll see if i'm able to meet those .

For simple html and css , i feel you won't need more than even a 100 megabytes .But i may be wrong .

Do give it a thought .
Best regards ,
I have not been in business, but for a month now our website is not quite done, but I will be willing to give your our simple plan which is 500mb and 1gb space for free no requirements as long as you don't display porn/warez/any illegal activity. you can have a subdomain or to unlimited add-on domains as long with unlimited features cpanel w/fantasico you can send me a message on here if interested or email me at sales@flinghosting.com

Thank you. :p

Yes, but I want to be able to edit the files... everywhere. :p

Thanks to everybody! I think I'll use localhost though. :p
I've never heard about Opera United.

I noticed your company. I may try it out.

@generouswebhostin (what a name)
Uhh... yes!?
Hi Edy,

Lifelesspeople.com has just launched a new product that may be just what you are looking for.

Please take a look at our latest advertisement here for our No Posts, No Ads, No Hassles! Webhosting packages.
Thanks, in my next projects I will consider using LifelessPeople. :)

Nope, just with you I'm hosted now. :D
glad to know i am the only one to host you :D
you know some of the posts made me think i wasn't the only one and made me think something's wrong with me if my users have to look out for other hosts to host them , you know :D

i want to be the best in whatever i do :)

thanks a lot for your trust eddy .
i'll be glad to do your other projects too as and when they come :D

No problem. Until now, I had no problems with your service. :)

This thread can be closed. I got what I wanted.