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How to make the site ?

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Currently using WordPress as a CMS. But I'm thinking to make static pages, with HTML / PHP. For now I made the links page and the copyrights page without myql. Might do and the whole site in HTML, copy all the articles and pages to make them. html and use. htacces to remove .html extension from URL links. I know I will have to work harder to manually add articles to each item in the code, but with this method (without CMS) you have full control of what files are loaded and which files not without .js .css from unnecessary plugins (which are used on other pages). What do you think?
I would advise sticking with WordPress or a more traditional CMS (which allows much greater control than WordPress). If you switch to something that's HTML-based, your work will become unbearably difficult as your site grows larger.
For now is not such a big site, but I am thinking to use HTML+PHP for static pages to have a bigger control on files and it would be a benefit for SEO on Page and Page Speed. I could save my header+logo in a page named header.php and include it on any page with the php function include header.php . Could do the same with footer. The only thing to change on new pages will be the content, articles. All the pages will not use MySQL connections, only in case I will make a login section, which will require a database.
Just think about it: Optimized&Valid HTML+Minified CSS=Speed.
PHP means your site is still dynamic. It sounds like you might benefit from a custom CMS. Is this something you've considered?
I am a huge fan of Wordpress. Using WP you can use more tools to help with the SEO but, on the other hand, using static HTML for your design gives you more control over other aspects of SEO, such as text formatting (H1, H2, Bold text, etc.). If you are not good with SEO, I would suggest WP. If you have a good working knowledge of SEO you should go with HTML/PHP. Although on page SEO is not everything when it comes to SEO, it is a big part of it, and should be optimized to the fullest!

If it were up to me, I would go with a static HTML design just because of the control aspect of it but, we can effectively optimize our website on our own with no need for SEO plugins.
PHP means your site is still dynamic. It sounds like you might benefit from a custom CMS. Is this something you've considered?
Even if I won't use any CMS, I will still use some PHP codes/scripts, such as PHP form Mailer, Search Function, Link Checker.
I think my knowledge of SEO is enough to create optimized seo pages from scratch without any plugins.
Yes, control is a big matter for me, because most CMS's overuse java scripts and several CSS files in a single page!!! And I can't copy and paste all scripts in one file when using a CMS to optimize.
Even using a CMS, I love light weight CMS. Right now I have Wordpress, but I dislike the fact that they have tons of files and it is hard to learn what every file does...
by the looks of your posts you are already decided to use static pages + self-coding but then i'd still would like to add my 2 cents ;p

i'd say stick to wp, there are ready made plugins on how and what you actually needed.

site speed = gzip compression plugins + ajax loader
seo = seo plugins or make manual insertion of meta tags and descriptions plus activate tags on the themes.
too many js? = js compression plugins (there are lots)

and yeah you don't have to learn all the files wp has >.< you just need to learn a better grip and understanding what you wanted to do with your site. i've been using wp for only 5 years now but i love implementing what i wanted with it instead of learning the codes behind it. Although, it would be really cool to learn the codes behind it but I guess it'll eventually take place once you understand what you actually wanted to do with your site.

it will actually save you time adding pages and articles with wordpress... But then, if you are really wish to make your static pages it will still be up to you, tbh ^.^
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As a CMS I would recommend Concrete5 which has a drag and drop live editor. At the click of a button you go from the live site, to the editor! You have pretty much fill control of your site!
@VivuHost thanks for your suggestion. While Concrete5 is easy to use, it's not light weight, having 9,3 MB.
I have been taking some tutorials in the new Drupal 7 and it looks pretty good. Versions 6 and earlier where very old world looking. 7 has a lot of good improvements.
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CMS like Joomla and Wordpress are best at this time. I have just made two websites in word press, just need content and start your new website few hours. Also some good themes are available so why waste time in designing and development.
The problem with CMS is that you have to learn their PHP functions in order to make your own Theme or to re-design customize a ready-made Theme.
But, when you write your own functions, you know where you placed everything and it's not such a big hassle to edit the code like on CMS.
That's true. There is a lot of back and forth using Drupal. I think once I know it better I will be able to theme quickly though.
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I am using the CMS's like joomla and Drupal. These have done the work much easy and you can manage your site very well by adding the various components. It is easy for backup and manage.