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Review my blog ?


serial slacker
Hey guys,

So recently I set up a blog called Word on the Net. Its a blog about online entrepreneurialism, with the occasional post on currently interesting projects and online technologies.

Its supposed to be funny-ish and somewhat informal ;)

Anyway, I actually wanted your opinion on the design, because I was going to have a unique one coded, but I like this free one I found so for now I might stick with it.

If you feel like having a flick through and laying into me on my dubious content, then I would also be very greatful.

Cheers in advance :)


It gets better.
I've seen this theme before, really nice.
I'd just remove or make that penguin smaller, so it doesn't take up so much of the screen, also it would move the ad up.
Remove that huge RSS thing aswell, and limit the posts that show on the front page since your posts are pretty big (Or just do an excerpt of each post, but link to the main article.)

Also change your username from admin :p
phpMyAdmin->Users -> ID#1->admin (Change)->Submit.


Cross Industries
I see a...PENGUIN! My rating, for the overall look, is a 5/5. Simple, easy to read, love the colors, and its bright enough. :D


serial slacker
Thanks guys, I will consider lowering the header. It was a comment made over at DP as well :)

I'm glad you agree that the design is clean and simple. You should see some of woothemes.com's premium work, it is fantastic I must say.

Do you feel the posts are too long even (sorry, slightly deviating from webdesign here, more website review :p )?



Super Moderator
I like the penguin, but why does it have to fade away? Why not just cut it off once that grey postbit starts?