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hi, novice here with a stupidly simple question but just need clarification if that's OK.

By 'redirect' I assume that you mean that if someone owns say 4 domain names, these services that you are talking about, in the above threads, will point 3 of them to the 1 original master website. Is that correct? So you only have to host and build this one original website. And these services you mention above will do this for free? And some of them without ads? Is this as good as it sounds?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi there,

A redirection service is usually a service to get a shorter domain name without having to buy a domain.

For example, if you have the url:
www.domainname.com/~user/directory/index.html you can get yoursite.redirectiondomain.com instead.

There are both services where you get:

and services where you get:

A URL redirection service can be used for many things, not just to get a shorter URL for free.

To redirect domains the way you wanted you can park your domain and just point it to a domain of your choice, I don´t know if there´s any free domain parking services but maybe someone else on this forum knows?
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Weird explination:

Redirection is where you pretty much end up at one site, but using a different URL. Example:

you own http://poo.com

you can't afford to host more domains on your host, so you make a frame which takes up 100% of the space and that is redirection. So you could get to poo.com by typing toilet.net instead.

Redirects do not have to be short url's some ppl stupid enuf will make a 100% height frame like http://geoshyties.com/poo/bah/yah/chees/on/toast/is/yummy.html

redirect to http://angelsonfire.net/ca3/pokemonsmells


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Well, check out www.mydomain.com . It will do what you want for free, and no ads. You will need to change the DNS of the other 3 domains to point to mydomain.com, the other domain you want them all to redirect to , you won't have to change anything.