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really small need


New Member
Hello, I'm running a small personal site, used only by me and my friend for message exchange.
I just need 20mb of space and 500mb BW monthly but a FAST SERVER.
currently i'm hosted on 0fees. Its really slow.
I don't need cpanel or other things, just want to use my co.cc domain.
and also, ads won't be of any use, since I and my friend use that for personal purpose.
I can offer this as part of the following package:

100MB Webspace
1000MB Bandwidth
No advertisements
SSL Support
1 x MYSQL Database
Subdomain URL

Also, we currently only have 97 users on our server, meaning that at the moment it is extremely fast.

For more information, please visit http://www.worlditsme.com

So you use this account for only sending message to one another? Why can't you both login to MSN,Yahoo or any other free live chat and talk that way? I know some of the free host allow you to use your own domain name.

Best of luck with your search.
You need to actually state the plan, but the rules also state do not offer something when it is ridiculously higher then what he asks for.
WTF - it's for 2 people?

Why do you need a webhost?
Do you have to use the web to communicate?

If there is a reason let us know :)
I never even read the first post.

Here are a couple ways for message exchange: Yahoo Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, Facebook, Myspace. Hell even an email address.

You do not need a host for message exchanges.
Giving him the benefit of the doubt of an unfortunate wording, using the web to exchange message is DaNewHotness. I'd say he's almost doing a micro-clone of FaceBook. So right now it starts as only two people, but let's say one of them adds Dad, someone adds cool kid Jerry, someone adds Uncle Fred. All the fun of FaceBook walls with a security-through-obscurity site without the marketing!
Oh Come on, let me explain to you people. I'm using an SMS API on that website, since text messages are very expensive between India and Pakistan. There are several sites, through with my friend can send me text message but i can't reply, through the SMS API, I have setup a page, on which I can reply via my cell phone, and charging only local rates.

No miniFB or other things.. I won't go beyond what I've asked for..
I can offer the solution

We have following features:
Disk space (MB) : 10000
Data transfer (MB) : 100000
Max email accounts : 5
Max FTP Accounts : 5
Max Databases : 5
Max daily unique visitors limit : 10000
MySQL Connection Hourly Limit : 25000
Mailbox Max Size : 50
Max Sub Domains : 5
Max Parked Domains : 5

Please see my profile for approch .
Someone else that didn't read the first post, the OP is looking for about 500 times LESS than your offer.
Why visit your profile? Just put a link to the plan.
Because he's new and can't post URLs yet. For good reason too, might I add.

They can type though can't they, if they can post a response they can type 'visit http' so agreed 2 posts and copy and paste.

MODS! (I live in hope)