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Please Review: JTren Web Services


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I would like to get a review for JTren Web Services website from you guys. If I am looking at it, I can feel something is not right, but I can't figure it out. Some friends of mine said "I can't breath while I am at your website", but he did not tell me any details. :confused4

Now, time for me to get some more review, it doesn't matter good or bad, I don't mind at all. All of those things what we will get when asking for someone else to review our website, right? But then constructive criticism is always good :D

URL: JTren Web Services

To those who taking time to review our website, BIG thank you to you.

Jerry G.

I like the site, The layout is pretty much standard, but the color scheme is alot different than any other site ive seen and to me it looks quiet good. Others may not like the red, but since the background is a darker red, it comes out quiet nice.

You do have 1 mistake however.
Transfers (Bandwidth): 5,000 MB 10,000MB 20,000MB
Storage (Web Space) : 60,000MB 150,000MB 250,000MB
Shouldnt that be the other way around?

And take the last s off "supports" in the navbar.

Other than that, i like it. 9/10
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Hi fnixws,
Thank you for your time to review our website and also thank you for pointed the really big mistakes :redface:. Appreciated.
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The main reason why your friend can't breathe when visiting your website is probably due to the overusage of different colours in the content block under the header.

1. The 3 plans listed on the left side of the content block. The orange background is unnecessary, remove it.

2. For the boxes on the right of the content block, make the bgcolor something light that's close to white, then make the border color darker so as to stand out. Alternatively, you can also add a vertical line separating the middle content and the sidebars.

You might also want to consider combining your two sidebars into 1 because the content block is kinda squeezy.

Well, that's all I have to say :D Hope you don't mind me saying all that. No offense meant if you have taken any.
I think I see what they mean, can't quite figure it either. Only thing I would add would be that the top looks 'cut off' possibly add a spacer at the top.

1) Dark Red is suggested, not bright red

2) I suggest if you want to keep corners for the bottom, do not repeat it in your banner, it makes it look very old and definitely not web 2.0 stylish...

3) The way i see it, you should make shadows around your borders of the red going white...

4) Instead of so many colors...i suggest choosing one with a nice gradient, mostly of

This color...

5) Make your Nav Bar more outstanding..completely missed it the first time i viewed your site

6) Don't have too many stock images...especially business people, too much repetition takes the entire point away...1 or 2 will do good...

7) http://www.jtrenwebservices.com/images/index_30.jpg
For that image, i feel that you should make it more shiny and add gloss to it...and i don't understand the reason for that stock? Why have it connect to some phones?

Finally, i hope that you won't take any offences, its a good layout and pretty good, what i like it the bottom rounded corners...
Hi XT-iZac,
Thanks for your time to review our website and thanks for pointed out our website weaknesses.
Finally, i hope that you won't take any offences
Not at all. In fact, I am happy because you willing to take time to review our website. :)