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Outlook Express 6.0


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Hey all,

a couple days ago my mom opened OE, and it was really slow but it did opened. After that i wanted to open it, and it didn't opened at all. This is what happens:

- waiting cursor appears, icon turns normal again (so non-selected)
- nothing happens, computer stops 'thinking'
- welcome message appears with the "all rights served" thing on it, computer thinks
- computer stops thinking, nothing happens
- i press ctrl + alt + del and it says "msimn (doesn't react)" in the list
- i select it, and hit "close"

I also find some things about renaming .dbx files, doesn't work. Also i had to move all the files, doesn't work either. It DOES make new files, but the program doesn't start up, it goes on with displaying "doesnt react" messages in the ctrl+alt+del list

my questions are:

1) is there a way i can solve this?
2) if not can i just move all the .dbx files, delete OE and install it again and then load the .dbx files again?

what i did was deleting the folder.dbx file (i made a back-up in another folder) it did made a new one, but the program didn't start up. i also moved the files, like i said above, and that didn't worked either.


can you perform any other actions, like "send mail" from your browser or right-click on a file and send "send to mail"?

you could try to reinstall it over itself...or repair from the "windows components" section of add/remove...from memory, it should keep all your personal settings and address book

good luck!
OE does not react when i click a link on a website, an email link.

But it does when i go to "extra" or "tools" int he browser menu (next to "help") and then go to "check email" it does start up the program. really slow though, it takes like 5 minutes to start up

once in the email program everything goes really fast. I have no clue why it is so slow at startup, and why it doesn't startup when i just double click the icon.

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Do you have OE starting MSN Messenger? If so, go to Program Files/Messenger/ and rename msmsgs.exe to some other name. It might be MSN/Windows messenger that's causing the slow loading. If you don't HAVE a Program Files/Messenger folder, look around for the MSN/Windows Messenger EXE. Since you see "msimn (doesn't react)" in the task manager, I think that might be the problem.
the program does start up now via the Icon itself, but it takes at least 2 minutes to get the blue message with "outlook express 6" on it, and then another 5 to load the complete program. (while the computer doesn't make any noise.. that's the weird thing)

we are getting closer, but still not close enough :\ i also did a virus check but that didn't solved anything either, nothing to be found.

thanks for the tip about msn though :) we are allready getting closer :)

also there's nothing else slower on this computer, IE works great and also OE is very fast ONCE you are into the program. have no problems either with a program like Word. pc is also not slow in general, it starts up quickly too.

Did you uninstall Windows Messenger or something?

Because if you have, Outlook Express will take a long time detecting it.
If s/he followed my instructions, it will look like the Windows Messenger application was removed. However, on 2000, OE instantly figured out that it was gone, and didn't noticably slow down when I opened it.
Dang...there appears to be no way to uninstall IE or OE. Is there a Reinstall option in the IE installer by any chance? If so, back up your favs and try it.
Originally posted by trenzterra
Did you uninstall Windows Messenger or something?

Because if you have, Outlook Express will take a long time detecting it.

that might be it. I had 5.0 before, i got a DEMO version from 6.0 but then it asked me when signing into MSN once if i wanted to install version 6.0 (the full one) so i clicked "no" because i didn't wanted to because i allready had the demo and then i wasn't able to sign in, only if you clicked yes. So i first was going to delete 5, i can't. It says some error (that many people get by the way, i heard) so i did something and installed 6.0 over it. It works now, but 5.0 is still in my software list under configuration.

this was a few weeks ago. I just can't seem to 'delete' the whole version 5.0 of it. I need some file to uninstall and apperently i don't have it on my computer.

windows messenger is the same as MSN right? lol, otherwise i'm talking crap here. I have win 98 so i don't use XP with windows messenger. but your point is good, because now it makes me think about it.

i will look for the reinstall option right now!