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Okay, so what host are you guys out there using these days?

Blank Verse

I'm using Addora, and I'd characterize their uptime at about, oh, 80 percent, which I don't need to tell you is unacceptable for a service that is taking my money (I won't even tell you what kinds of other issues I've had with them in the past)

Clearly, it's time to move on. My website is more and more popular by the day, and I just can't have this.

So, who do you guys like and use? Are they relatively affordable? How easy is it to transfer my domain? (and yes, I know I can do some browsing, I've been on this site for over a decade, I know what's up. This is about you plugging those who have been good to you.)

I'm open to a lot. I just want them to be reliable. This community I trust in these matters above just about anyone else, so I welcome your feedback on this.

I can't comment on what host I'm using, as I am a host myself, but I wanted to comment on the ease of domain transfer.

Is your domain currently registered by your host, or are you using a separate domain registrar? If you're using a registrar, the ease is the same regardless of the host you use. You aren't going to transfer the domain. You are simply going to change your nameservers to point to the new host's servers.

If the host registered your domain name, or it was included for free or such with your hosting, things could be far more complex. There are many unscrupulous hosts (even the big guys) who will hold your domain hostage if you try to leave. They'll charge exorbitant transfer fees, or simply not give you your domain at all, and cite some wacky clause in their TOS. You will want to transfer the domain away someplace else, if they registered it, but how easy that will be will largely depend on your CURRENT host, and not the host you are looking to move to.

We sell domain names to our hosting clients too, because there are ultimately people out there who want to buy everything website-related from one place, but I absolutely never, ever recommend purchasing a domain name from the host, and simply registering it yourself at one of the big registrars. Then when it comes time to change hosts, it's simply a matter of changing the nameservers, and within 24 hours, your site is someplace else. Things are much easier that way.
Can't really comment on who is the best these days, as I too am a host.

Definately watch your domain names, before you do anything even suggesting migrating from a host that you registered your name through get the name transferred out. Otherwise they'll be more likely to question why you are suddenly backing up your site and transferring the domain name, triggering the less honest to start their mindgames.

80% uptime is horrible. In this day and age, anything less than 96% should be considered shoddy, and many services are indeed capable of having 100% uptime for months on end before eventually having some downtime for maintenance or unexpected issues.
May I ask a questions what makes anyone to choose a certain provider, except the price, which is always important.
We're using iomart Maidenhead / RapidSwitch who have been great throughout the years we've been with them.

May I ask a questions what makes anyone to choose a certain provider, except the price, which is always important.
Excellent network uptime and support, but for those you'd need to try the services.
I've been using wswd for a while now, and i've received nothing but good things. Reliable, good support, good price... everything seems excellent with them.

And (i don't know if they still have this going on) you could maybe take advantage of their refugee discount if you're running from a bad host like i was :wink2:

Sounds like i'm in their sales deppartment =P But, well, i'm with them, and i'm really happy.
I love freegigs.co just take a look at my cpanel details. They are free and sense I been with them they never had a downtime. They only had a sql issue yesterday but that is because they were upgrading the cpanel wish is great. Look at my cpanel details for all they give and free I really recommend them for those people like me that don't like spending a lot on money on stuff. I think they are really reliable. I tried 100gb.co they are great to but they have downtimes alot. They are up 90% of time.