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managed wordpress hosting

No Banners - 15MB Space, Ftp, 1GB Transfer, Mysql, Php


i had tried it, connecting speed seems not bad not good - so so ;) but some questions,

how domain host?
xh11, if you don't like it, don't reply. These offers will never suit everyone, if you see one that doesn't suit, just move on to the next and leave your negative remarks inside your head.
I think it suits me

Yes, I only need tens of MB space. I only host five HTML pages (big), one Javascript file (big), and hundreds of "data files" -- javascript files also, 3K, very small :) It is "Web Pictures Viewer" (no adult)

If you'ld like give an account to me, I prefer a subdomain named "siren", thanks a lot!
My current web site has about 1000 unique IP per day. I also allow text link ad or small banner for host site.

my email: mike519@163.com
huh :confused4

I only need tens of MB space

That doesn't make sense, do you need 10mb?

And if your site actually gets 1000 unique visits a day and you don't mind a banner you could easily place an ad that would generate you enough money for paid hosting and still probally make a profit.

Also, just leaving your email address is not going to get you anywhere, you need to go to the site and apply.

Yes! I'm making a profit now! But I still don't like paid host! Free host works well for me :)
mobi, your host only support browser unloader?

you said FTP is supported, however, I only find "web browser FTP". and when I click the "upload files" button, I always get the error message: "The login id you entered has expired"

Do your host work well ?
Can't register for Forum

I tried to REGISTER at the forum, but I get an "Invalid_session" error message after I click on "I am over 13 years old."

P.S. to Gaya: You have to request FTP support through the forum.

Hi guys

Hi guys dont worrie all your websites are still saved on our servers but we have currently ran into a little problem and we are working around the clock to fix it. When our servers are ready we will be providing a fantastic new service with a lot more services to offer..

Can u help us?

Please can u tell us what services would you like a free web host to offer? What do you want to be able to do with your account? please think and send in your ideas to me at sparklit@ourworld2k.--------

also design a template for sparklit and win a Life time membership of Premium hosting from sparklit.

just design the template and send it in to me at sparklit@ourworld2k.--------

Sparklit@Ourworld2k.-------- is our temporay email address until sparklit.co.uk is back up and running

HostMyWorld.co.uk Customers

The same has happend with my freinds site hostmyworld.co.uk so the competition winners need not to worrie your account is still
with them and as soon as the servers are ready you will be able to use your account once again.

Temporay email for hostmyworld

Kind Regards
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