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Need VPS quote for Media/Streaming e-shop


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we need to make a fast decision (this week!) about the best VPS option for one of our clients.

we are setting up a small Magento run e-commerce site that will sell among other things, downloadable full-length movies and music. Most of our customers will be in UK, europe, and the middle east, and the client is a UK company, so preferably UK based host.

the films will be available to download with DRM (suggestions for a good DRM company welcome!) and/or to stream.

We think we will need about 100GB of storage and about 1500GB of bandwidth average and around 10000 hits per day when the site matures. (estimates based on 6000 visits per month, maybe 600 downloads a month and inventory of 70 films / 50 CDs) - again if you guys have a better estimate of our needs, please feel free to adjust!

1/ include media streaming / media server capabilities (such as quicktime or flash or newton)?

2/ include libraries such as ioncube, zend, or even FFMPEG etc for transcoding?

3/ how can much RAM/CPU would such a site need?

4/ for comparison, how much would a VPS with the following setup cost us:
50GB initially (first 3 months), then200 to 300 GB storage
1500 to 2000 GB transfer (does FTP and/or HTTP upload to server count toward transfer?)
1000 MB RAM (are the figures you quote dedicated or bursted?)
CPanel/WHM, and apache/php/mysql with the above libraries as minimum

5/ managed or semi-managed (would be great if you could explain the difference)

6/ any other useful info you can provide would be much welcome

many thanks in advance for your help!

PS will probably need something like cPanel, and your hourly rate for support!
i need recomand Dedicated server,if you still need vps you will need good ram and good cpu Ram about 3 or 4 gb Dual prosessor and give you good resourse i can offer

Disk Space 120GB
Monthly Bandwidth push 4TB
Memory 2048MB Now 4096MB
HypeVM Features
Free Cpanel/WHM
2 IP Address

All servers We configured as follows:
- Dual Xeon E5405 8x2.0hz 8 Cores or Dual Opteron Quad Core 2356 8x2.3hz 8 Cores CPU's
- 32 GB Or 16 GB Interleaved ECC server memory
- 2 x TB hard drives
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According to your requirements we would like to offer you our hybird VPS H-1

1500GB Bandwidth
2 GB Ram
Virtuozzo Power Panel VZPP (To manage and restart your VPS)
Free backups
100 MBPS Port
5 IP addresses
Fully Managed (Means we will handle all your server management requests including security, configuration and any other server matter)
100% Uptime Guarantee & SLA

Only for $120/month

Plan URL : http://www.occeanic.com/vps.html (look in the bottom for H-1)

Your request 1,2 will be completed since server is fully managed and we will also perform any other future request from you ..
thank you both, but the problem is we do not have the human+technical resources to admin/manage a dedicated server. anyway if that is inevitable, what would be your best quote for a service that will do the job?
Yes, we can provide you a dedicated server but full management service would cost you $49.95/month extra. Emergency support would be available via phone too.

Server 1
CPU: Core2Quad Q8200
Ram: 2GB
Hard Drive: 250GB
Bandwidth: 4000GB/MONTH
IP Addresses: 5
DDoS Protection: Yes
Monthly Price: $109.95/mo
Order Now - Secure
Server 2
CPU: Core2Quad Q9300
Ram: 8GB
Hard Drive: 1TB HD
Bandwidth: 4000GB/MONTH
IP Addresses: 5
DDoS Protection: Yes
Monthly Price: $129.95/mo
Order Now - Secure

Fully Managed Service : $49.95/mo
Sereverpoint can offer you

# 100GBs of space
# 1,024MBs of guaranteed RAM
# 1,500GBs of bandwidth
# 2 IPs included
# Full root/administrator access
# Includes Power Panel - click here for screenshots
# Level 1 Support Plan included



Order any VPS plan, and get your second month of service FREE!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any question
thanks.... ANYONE FROM THE UK PLEASE? UK2/JSHOSTS/etc if you don't want to post here, you can PM me
any new reviews about JSHOSTS, UK2, EuroVPS welcome!