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Need a new VPS..


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I signed up with someone from these forums quite a while ago (Implihosting) and the company was sold to Open Source Web Solutions.

I have roughly 25 domains on the VPS currently, and we used a total of 2.7GB in traffic last month. Not very high at all. I went with a VPS due to the number of domains I had, and felt that we were outgrowing Dreamhost as a whole.

Since moving we have had nothing but problems. Currently the issue is that the host (or some of their IP addresses in my block) are blacklisted on many MX exchanges. So needless to say, we are having severe issues sending email.

I pay currently £19.99 + cPanel/WHM £9.99 per month (About $55.00 CDN) for my _managed_ VPS. I have my own license for Fantastico as well, so I am assuming I would need CPanel on the VPS as well.

I currently have the IH-3 Linux package from http://www.implihosting.com:

Disk Space: 70 Gigabyte
Bandwidth: 500 Gigabytes
Ram (Guaranteed): 768 MB
Ram (Burst): 1256 MB
Monthly Price: £19.99 + cPanel/WHM £9.99
IP Addresses: 2

and we come no where near the specs I am paying for. We use a total of 3GB hard drive space, and as previously stated we used a grand total of 2.7GB traffic in the month of July.

Can someone give me a comparable package? Do I even need one that high?


You are overpaying.

Take a look at steadfast.net
I'm using their shared hosting to host my light websites and never had a any issues.
Been with them for about a year and a half now.

they use litespeed instead of apache, and have a dedicated mysql server that is seperate from the http server

Unless you do some massive mysql crunching or require fancy software, shared hosting is what you need
check servercomplete.com they are fantastic, been with them for a while and I never had an issue. They WILL go an extra mile for each and every customer they have, their ticket response time is incredible. I had a VPS with them and switch down to a reseller since I didn't need all a VPS offered.
Check out our pricing: http://www.x-ind.com/vps.html

I hope we can manage a deal with you.
Also, I recommend you start off small, as per what you've stated above. Only under 4GB of space used? Our smallest VPS would suit your needs and is by far cheaper than your current provider.
Features :
  • You can use our public DNS servers to manage your DNS records for your domains within our HyperVM control panel.
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  • We have over 35 OS templates for clients to choose from, we also have many OS templates with control panels preinstalled! (Cpanel/WHM, Webmin, Kloxo, etc!)
  • Support team to assist in any issues you may have!
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Standard VPS 3

Ram/Memory Guarenteed: 1024MB
Burstable Ram : 1,536MB
Disk Space: 60GB
Bandwidth: 3000GB
IP Addresses: 1
Price: $34.95/mo

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  • CentOS 4, 5, 5.2, 5.3
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  • Gentoo 2008
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  • Ubuntu 7.10, 8.04, 8.10, 9.04

Disk Space 80GB
Monthly Bandwidth 4T
Memory 1024MB Now 2048MB
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  • Price Per Month: $25
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  • 2 Additional I.P's: $4.00/mo
  • CPanel/WHM License: $15.00/mo
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