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Need a host for real audio files


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new a host for real audio files

hi im not sure if one exists but im looking for a host with the following
ftp access
20 megs or more
2 megs or more file size limit
must be reliable!
"unlimited" bandwith or a good amount allowed
preferably instant signup
grrr when i try to signup for freewebsites.com i get this

freewebsites.com - ERROR

we encounterred an error: MySQL connect

anyone else have this problem?

also does anyone know how to contact them? you have to be a member to use the online support form and webmaster@ and support@ don't work.
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No difference :)

That depends on the host. Regular tripod was index.htm. The majority use index.html, but it pays to check with each individual host.
it was .html so i renamed it but it still does the same thing, i don't get it. hmm well anyone know how to contact freewebsites.com or another host i could use?
make an index.htm page and upload it and then rename the index.htm to index.html and upload both of them u might get something out of it.
or you might have to go in your CP and get the files you FTPed into your public directory. I had one host that made me do that can't remember who. I'm not high.
grrrrr!!!!! i just got this

Dear Tripod Member,

The access to your website http://members.lycos.co.uk/zeppelinrl/ was
closed due to the following reason: Copyright violation .

You still have the possibility to access your website using Tripod
or any FTP software during the next three months. You can use this time
to back up your files.

After three months, both HTTP and FTP access to your website will be

Lycos Tripod Team