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What do you guys think of Napster's decison to somewhere down the road change Napster into a pay service? I guess they partnered with a company who was a subsidiary of a media group that helped file a joint-lawsuit against them. Anyway, they say they want to change napster into a service where you have to pay a (monthly?) fee to use the service.

I don't know how well it would stick. Chances are that if they do indeed go to a pay-per-month services, I don't know how many people would stick around. I bet a lot of napster clones would pop up if this happens. And if nothing else, there's always IRC (the original napster lol)

The strange thing about all this is the guy who made Napster seems to act like this was the plan all along. Hmm.. I somehow doubt it. He's just in it to make more money. But I can't say I blame him for that as I'd probably do the same thing.
What makes the world go around? MONEY!!!!

I think it would all depend on how much they want to charge for the service. If it were like $5/mon or something, that is still way cheaper than going out and buying a cd in the store. If it were $30/mon then I might as well buy a CD for $12. How many CDs does an actual person buy in a month anyways? You can always get mp3's off of FTPs and as was stated, IRC.
I believe that if Napster turns into a pay service then most of it's users will just switch to something like Scour or iMesh. I don't believe Napster will be a popular pay service...
But think about it. Don't you think that iMesh and Scour would start to charge once they see the opurtunity (sp?)
Good question...

I don't think they would start charging simply because another free napster-like program would probably come up that everybody would go support. But I might be totally offbase..

It's kind of weird when you put it into perspective though. You'd basically be paying napster to do peer-to-peer networking.. hmm
There is always Gnutella ;)

There are just too many other options out there why would any one pay.

We dont realy pay them to do peer to peer networking but for the search engine that they provide. We could all do peer to peer networking but could you find all the songs?
Why not just get Napigator so you can choose servers? That way we can all run off some kid's computer in a dorm room eating 99.999% of his university's high speed connections? Just a thought...
y'know I really hate those guys who are trying to shut napster down. I mean Metallica...assholes. As if they needed the money. I *love* music, and napster is my best friend (well not really). Napster does so much good for the music industry. It's opened so many people's eyes to new bands. And what happens then? They buy the damn cd. I dunno why people are making such a fuss.

As for Napster charging, well, I definately wouldn't pay. I have no money, and I know I'm not alone there, so there you go.
Turning into a pay service will probably mean the end of napster cos it will loose a whole lot of users. The only reason napster survives is because of the users and their database of mp3s.

Less users means less mp3s, less mp3's means even less users etc.
Napster software is already in too many hands, as well as Napigator. That would be like suddenly charging for browsers online....it just wont work.

The losers that filed suit against Napster are the ones that havent come out with a decent song in a number of years and figured this was an easier way to make money. Those who conitinually come out with good songs have very little drop in income from their cd's. Look at Madonna, her DJ song was all over Napster.....but it still rocketed in cd sales. Take a look at the free browsers, like Internet Explorer. Online they are free, but they still make a bundle in sales by selling the browser separate in stores...

In general, only the artist who's time is past and the one-hit wonders really have a problem with Napster.
Its surprising but true that CD sales have actually gone up since the existence of Napster.

Yes, most people are using it illegally, but a lot of people use it to hear songs they otherwise wouldn't buy, and then they like the songs and perhaps buy them...

Anyway, i think Napster will be around. One of the major players that was suing them is now forming a strategic alliance with Napster...go figure :)
Well, I pretty much expressed my views on the music industry in the passed and will do it again:

They are the parasites of our society, they work a couple of weeks a year to write some songs, produce them and then they just sit back and see their money in the bank go up.

And those going on tour, they have their fans pay 50$ for a lousy seat, and give a nice act while in most cases they don't even sing live. And of course there's the entire merchandising... I mean, who doesn't want the spice girl action figures...

If they would get a real job like the rest of us, then they would have the right to be whining. If metallica and the other whiners haven't acquired enough money by now to live the rest of their life in pure decandence...
I dont know if its fare to sum up all the industry like that. There are many bands that make albums and never get anywhere.

I do think though, that the people that are against napster are like you discribed. So I agree with you there.

And in my own expirece I have bought 20 more cd's than I would have bought. If it werent for napster. I even have a 12 cd-rw drive. But I only use that to make a copy for every where I am work home, car ect.
Yes, I originally intended to say something in favor of the little musicians that hardly come by and live for their music, but didn't really know how to put it so I let it out.

But I stick by what I said about the big fish... they forget that without the fans they would probably be social outcasts.
What i have to say

What i have to say is i think it is worth even 5 bucks a month to have access to their servers. I also think they will always be around or someone will take their place
some one will replace them for sure. And they will never really get rid of it. It wont be as acessable any more, but you can always find ftp servers ect.