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my windows xp site


New Member
oh, i like it! great seemless design, and finally one that uses an OS design to advantage and doesn't overdue it! i can't name how many mac osx sites i've seen that look EXACTLY like the os. you figured out the secret: use small, minute details, not everything! my two gripes: the xp logo in the banner on the far right is a bit blurry, prolly cuz it was much much smaller and then enlarged? it almost ruins the sleekness of the site; the forums main post icon is the red "x" which makes me think "locked." i would suggest doing an alteration on the green arrow. maybe a greyscaled arrow for normal and then a green one for new posts, or a light blue for new posts and the green for normal posts... but, that might approach on the TOO MUCH XP STUFF idea i preached about, i'd just have to see it in the... flash? no.. in the... binary? *cough* anyways, something besides the "X" at least... scared me for a second...

oh, by the way, u might find me becoming a regular poster on ur forums sometime soon! :cool:


New Member
yeah i had to enlarge it and if i find a appropiate off button for my forums ill change them around but thanks for giving me your opinion for the site :)