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my portfolio php and html


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Could any1 take a look at my portfolio and tell what is mhmm..... :D not good. There are two versions: php and plain html.

I know there are lots of english grammar mistakes if there was no problem could anybody tell me what should I correct?:)

Thanks a lot.


EDIT: I have changed my address

Yeah, the man with the phone does not look good, I will remove him :)))

Thank you all for your response.

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The Red Guy

- Remove the pic of that man talking. It is irrelevent.
- Maybe change the colour of the link to slightly lighter.
- The title (not very important) doesn't match your site purpose.



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i like it but the menu is quite confusing, i tried to click the text and not the piccy underneath it, or is that just me having a blonde moment?


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very nice layout, the sites and techniques are very professional.. do you do freelance or work anywhere? if not, look into it, really. i'd like to have someone like you on my team if u lived here locally.

the select-a-language splash page doesn't fit with the english layout, but maybe the other language it does fit with? if not, update it so they are seamless...

the "websites," "digital projects," etc.. menu should be have a link on the text and the graphics

it is kinda slow, even on broadband; maybe your server, but i am guessing because of the graphics; there are some places, like the four graphics around each thumbnail, where u could combine into one pic (put the four into one pic and put that in the background of the cell, then center the thumbnail vertical and horiztonal) which would make less of a processor strain and load everything much faster. afterall, browsers can only load one element at a time.


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i'd like to have someone like you on my team if u lived here locally.

To be honest I am seriously thinking of moving abroad again (previously I lived in Australia) and I am just looking for the opportunity to go. That is why I created my portfolio and that is why I posted my cover letter to be corrected :) on the other forum thread.