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My Geekrack review.


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Over the past couple of days in this forum there's been several threads about this company. The company who've I've currently got a Dedi with. So, have what people being saying is the same case for me? Or not. After all these threads I thought another opinion is due. So here I come.

My Dedicated server was ordered on the 20th of February. And I received the details on the 23rd. So if you do the math that's roughly 3days. Some people may say that's long, but I thought otherwise, it may be low in industry standard but it didn't bother me that much. I had quite a lot of preparing to do. Unlike with other providers, the Dedi itself was installed beautifully. It had a great PHP Config, ConfigServer Security & Firewall was set up without a flaw. The only thing which I wanted to perfect was the apache rebuild. So I'll take my hat off to the owner who did that for me, thanks.

I'm currently not that far into owning the dedi, it's around half a month. So I can't really give the product itself a huge timely review on it. When I first received the dedi I got straight onto the task of moving around 400 accounts. Not the funniest thing to do on a saturday/sunday but It was what I had to do. With around 200 of them moved, I switched onto Live Support, to see if they would help with the move of the accounts. As I was giving the details to the owner I was really pleased with the service that I was receiving. I thought it was great. After she gave me the go ahead, I went offline and carried out a few duties. After coming on the next day I looked at the server to see that around 70 moved, which I wasn't too happy about. It was a large task to carry out though, I wasn't that bothered. It gave me the opportunity to clean out the system and the accounts which are on it. So that overall didn't grind my gears that much.

After this, there was no real need for me to use the support again. The server was running hitch free. I was getting on with developing and running a website, so I was a happy bunny with the purchase. The server itself is great. Over this month I've had it, I've been flooded with emails and messages saying how fast it is, how it responds. That's all really I can say about the server, no problems, great speed.

In conclusion, my experience with Geekrack is a brilliant one. The blip with moving accounts didn't bother me. The server was set up beautifully and I've had no outages. Why all the fuss? I get the problems with the Burst.net TOS but if you do what you're supposed to do, why complain?

Kudos Geekrack. Great job, keep going.
Jonny`, thanks for a great review. I personally worked with Jonny over a period of about 2 weeks helping him choose the perfect server for him, adn got him a smoking deal.

Now, I would like to give a little review myself, even though I am now currently working with GR, I had my server with them before I started working there.

I had a server at wowrack.com. i cant complain about them to much. i think that wowrack was a little absurd when it came to managing problems, but, that was about it.

I was approached by Hugo (AMC) about switching my server. I did not want to at first cince i had a decent server with a fair price. after a couple of weeks of him working on me, i talked with Shequeita (GR owner). she gave me a server that was about 3 times better than the wowrack server, for around $30 less than i was paying with wowrack. I was set up in just over 48 hours. Shequeita personally moved my 27 hosting accounts for me, so, i had no headache there. all i did was simply change my namesever IP on godaddy, and within a couple hours of the server being up, it was all switched over to the new IP, and running smooth.

the server is smoking fast and has been more reliable in the past 2 months than my 1 year at wowrack ever was.

overall, i have been extremely happy with GeekRack, and that is why i have chosed to work with them. I stand by the company 100%. Hopefully we will see some more good reviews here soon.

Again, Jonny, thanks for the support. you are a great client to have.
...3 time better and $30 less? Wow...I'm impressed. Lol so your old server wasn't really a fair price? Sorry, the math's not working for me, can you provide some numbers? I am currently looking for a dedicated and a VPS. Thanks,

my server now is...

Pentium D 3.0GHZ
250GB Hd
2000 GB BW
Free Setup, Free Cpanel, and Free Fantastico

got upgraded to 4GB RAM

without RAM upgrade, $71.99/month

before, I had...

Intel Celeron 2.4GHZ
1500GB Transfer
Free Setup, Paid Cpanel, and no fantastico

upgraded to have 1GB RAM, and was $113/month.

so, significantly better, and a lot less money.
wow do they still offer deals like yours? Heh, if they do I'd be up for one of them, maybe with another 1TB of transfer or even a 10 mbps unmetered port.

I thought they resold for burst..which means they get 25% discount..even with that discount they must be losing money on that server they sold you.
not losing any money. i can get you what Johnny has, adn my original spec for $71.99 if you are interested, message me on MSN, and i will get you taken care of.
Sounds like a good review. Geekrack is a good company, problem was that since they resell from Burst, they didn't have control over the deployment and physical techs. I know if they did, it would have avoided all those complaints.

So, what I mean is that they couldn't control the environment in order to take care of the complaints. Burst could but apparently was not as quick as one wishes.
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yeah, the techs only can do so much. there are a few things we cant do, and dedicated server deployment is something that we unfortunately cant control.
Nice review, they are very nice specs. Are these kind of deals on the website? I looked on burst.net but they don't offer free cPanel etc.
we dont typicaly offer free cpanel either. it is a special coupon code that we give out during big sales. normally that server would be $71.99 + $25.99 for cPanel, and $5.99 for fantastico. It is a savings of $31.98 total. so, still a great price, even if you dont have a coupon, coming to $103.97, which is still less then my old server, and better. :p