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Lower sales around Christmas?

SitePenguin Ltd

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I've been in the hosting community for around 7 years now and throughout all of that time every company I've ever worked for had a slow spell right around Christmas. So I've began to think it might not be worth the effort to spend money on ads in December, however I'd like to hear your ideas on this topic. Are hosting sales fewer and father between during the Christmas season?
I'd say they become slower, as towards Christmas people are more occupied with what they're going to get for their friend/lover/family member, so majority of their time is spent in the "Rush before Christmas", or people are out of town.

i.e; flying across country for family and friends, or out of the country for christmas parties, etc.
People have already spent all their money on buying presents, they do not have any money left to buy hosting.
Xmas that's also the time for the discounts. (Look at the offers) so I think that depends. Each company has own strategy and approach for this.
it is not really worth for spending money for the ads during xmas, coz no 1 will really care about hosting ads during xmas. it will be a waste of money.

however, the best way is to do give some discount coupon number which it will work more effective during xmas
Listen, don't waste money on ads around Christmas. It's not worth it. Maybe if you are running some amazing promotion or something...
in fact, a lot of my unused domains, i purchased them due to godaddy are doing their 99cents discount coupon.

although i am not in need of an extra domain, but i get attracted to purchase a domain and end up not using them

this tricks do works
I feel inappropriate to even discuss sales during the Christmas days. This is not a time to sell and to make money, but to spend some time with the family, relatives and friends... and of course to think about various things...

Otherwise sales never been poor for us in December. However they low on Dec 24, 25 and 26 and that's pretty normal for any web hosting company established in the North American and European markets.
Dec 26-Jan 2 Specials?

I know there's age & country differences, but I believe the Sub-40 crowd in the US treats Dec 26 & following as *entertainment* to watch all the retailers offer their coupons like a strange corporate flea market. I see all the posts saying "don't waste money"... so just post a few net specials for free.
Yeah, hosting isn't really a gift you can give to somebody. I've had one guy tell me he was getting it to make a website for his daughter but for the most part it's not too common. I think generally your not going to see as many sales around the Holiday time since people are pre-occupied with the Holiday itself and buying physical items.

Anybody have a guess when you think sales might pickup?