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low traffic, but i don't mind

Cheap Bastard

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i need an advertiser (just one). Actually, i don't need one but it'd be nice to make at least some money when i'm spending $120 a year on hosting.

traffic stats on the index page (and the index page only)

Total Visitors: 75,414
              Visitors:    Views: 
Daily Average      54.1     156.9
There seem to be a few days where the views peak, but it's not my fault so i dunno...

Anyway, anything goes (popup, popunder, whatever) but if it's popup i'd like it to be just one window. No spawning windows, no exits in the popups, no out-of-view popups (since those usually have exits coded in them). A popup'd be nice since then i could get rid of the other ads...

Gaming site (phoenix0.com) so it has to be accepting sites...
And if it's not too much to ask i'd like them to pay up when i've earnt enough :)


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In terms of your options in the single pop* field, the following are all worth a look:
1. FastClick
2. Advertising.com
3. PopupTraffic
4. PopupSponsor
5. AdPowerZone
6. GoClick
7. ClickThruTraffic
8. Websponsors.com
9. BurstMedia


(BTW, where are you based? US? Canada?)

Cheap Bastard

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US or Europe based
server is Canadian based...

1. Fastclick too picky (and once you've tried there doesn't seem to be a way to get in)
2. Advertising.com requires too much traffic (or at least they used to, and i don't imagine they loosened that rule since the adcrash)
3. SI
4. Keeps spawning windows even though it only pays once in 24hrs. Was looking great, but if it just keeps popping up (as opposed to once every xhrs) i don't want it (wouldn't even want it if it paid for EVERY view).
5. I dunno... Just looks very unprofessional. Even clicked a link that should've been _top or _blank, but it didn't have a target so it just made another frame within the frame... very messy.
6. GoClick undercounts popunders (need 4 popunders per 3 hrs or you get no credit for the other 1,2, or 3...) No problem for big traffic sites but like i said, i'm not exactly bulging with traffic... :D
7. SI
8. Websponsors is CPA (or CPL, whichever you wish to call it). I'd prefer not to have to worry about CPL...
9. BurstMedia too picky as well (for a gaming site, anyway)
Thanks for the recommendations!
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