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looking for quotes


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Hey guys im thinking of starting a realli small webhosting business wat do u guys rec.??
Start with a reseller, a dedicated for a small starter webhosting business is just a little too big.
Yes I agree, post asking for quotes on a reseller and you will get some nice offers. But make sure you go with a reliable host, as their uptime and service will either help you keep your clients or will drive them away.
i think that it is a good idea that you are wanting to venture into the hosting industry and i wish you the best of luck. and like others have said it is best for you to go with a reseller account for starters.

can i ask if you have any knowledge with hosting etc..?

if not then i would be more than happy to help you out
Most hosts start out as a reseller, and then upgrade to either a VPS, or a Dedicated server when their budget allows.
When I started, I got a reseller for a couple of weeks, but I didn't like being refered to as a reseller, so I purchased 2 Virtual Private Servers. Then, after growing a bit more, I got my first 2 dedicated servers. With the price war going on (kids offering 1tb bandwidth for $1), it is hard to offer competetive packages on a reseller account.
BE SURE you choose a reliable host, as many above me have said already. If you choose your host on price alone, you will have very little chance of making it in the web hosting business with all the downtime and probobaly ZERO support.
I agree with everyone here. Find someone that has the necessary bandwidth and disk space for YOUR task, however at the same time, remember that it's better to have a little more left over each month than not enough. Don't expect to make large profits in the beginning...However, my biggest piece of advice is this: Go into it wanting to succeed or don't go in. That's my piece of advice.
I can offer you

1GB space
10GB transfer

$2.00/month - Payment by Paypal ONLY

This is our smallest account and is usually adquate for satrting off as the budget is minimal but allows for plenty of space and bandwidth.

Starting with a reseller account is a good start it will give you some good experience with web hosting.
RTG is known for helping resellers start off with their hosting business.

We can offer:

1gb Space
10gb Bandiwdth
cpanel c/w fasntastico
........................................us$12.00 per year payable upfront.