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Looking for discounted/low price VDS/DS


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I am in need of a reliable DS/VDS provider offering DS/VDS(VPS) services at low or significantly discounted prices. The specs are:

VDS: RAM 256Mb+. Disk 10Gb+, CPU effective 600MHz+ at a price 6$/mo or below.

DS: RAM 1Gb+, Disk 50Gb+, CPU 1.2GHz or aboveat a price 35$/mo or below

Important: I should know guaranteed time of DS deployment/setup. OS I need in either cases: Fedora 11+ or CentOS 5.2+. No Cpanel required, I am command-line man. No management required, just good uptime and capability to reboot the server if it hangs.

Purpose: the resource is being used as a DNS server (VDS) or Web service main host (DS).

Note: I am looking for discounted packages, obviously. The logic: if I am satisfied with quality of service, I'll order more at the same provider, no matter whether it's discounted or not AND I will recommend that service on all my Internet resources. So I think it's fair to use significant discounts when they are available.

I am already using VPSes from FsckVPS/VAServ, ServerComplete, both are quite good and well-supported. I have ordered a very discounted DS from Server-Logix, but I am still not aware of estimated time of deployment. So please advise other providers, the above are already on the list

Any suggestions would be very welcome.
RAM: 512MB

I normally won't sell that VPS package for $5 a month but you said you wanted a discount and I'm in a good mood and you made me feel like it would be worth it in the long run :p

As for DS I can offer you this
Intel Pentium 4 2.0GHZ
1GB Ram
4000GB Transfer/ Monthly

Both of those are the cheapest I can go :p If you have any questions or would like to order you can contact me at the info below

AIM: Dylanxmowsxfaces
MSN: dkraklan@yahoo.com
Email: dylan@freshnode.com
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Good day!

I really appreciate (no irony) the offers and I will contact every one shortly about them.

However, if it wasn't stated clearly, I was not deliberately asking for discounts - I was looking for publicly announced discounted offers, in case I've missed most interesting ones.

Once again, I appreciate your offers and I hope I'll find ways to repay you for that. Thanks.
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Not really. Their website is working fine for me.

Sorry if I am misunderstood. It is said on burst.net that the site is under redesign, not everything is easy to spot and find.

If you are still looking for the web hosting

Thank you, but I;ll wait first for al lthe people's responses higher in the thread.

I have mentioned FsckVPS and I should also add RackSpaceCloud - in both cases there are quite capable VPSes at approx. $9.95 a month.

That's just to ourline the servers features available at the mentioned price.

I added your link to 'my favourites'.