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Joker.com :(


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A month ago (december 31st I think...) joker.com sends me an e-mail that my domain will expire on jan 28th... I had just gotten a new visa card and i used that to pay for the renewal... Everything seems ot go fine, and I don't hear from them until today (the day after it expires):


Reason : the clearing house has declined this.

Domain : woofcat.com

The domain will expire at 2001-01-28

The card details were

Card No : ###################
Card Type : ####
Card Owner : ################
Valid Year : #
Valid Month : #

The domain is not deleted !

However it will be deleted from the DNS which means it is impossible to use this domain within the next 72 hours.

You can visit our renew page again at https://www.joker.com to retry this request.

If you have further questions send mailto info@joker.com.

Joker Team
(automated message)

That's just damn great... I have no idea why the card wouldn't have gone through but that's not the point - how the hell can they wait a damn month until the day after the domain expires to send this?

They were my favorite registrar too...
Sorry about your problems. Are you in the U.S.? I have found one of my credit card company's has a problem with their card being used with international charges. They told me that they have been hit with so many international internet scams that they often reject non US net transactions. I got one rejected going to Tera-Byte a few months ago and that was only Canada.

You should call your card company up and see if they will resubmit it. That's what I had to do and it worked.

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does joker.com allow you to manually change mx, cname, a, etc. records
It is just my personal opinion that you can find easier registrars (easier to use for about the same price). I have two domains there and don't like:

Use of COHO and COCO handles.
Domain change of ownership fees.
The whole interface.

-etc. I checked and it seems they do have something, but I'm not sure how reliavble the DNS is, and I will be transfering the two domains I have there off when it comes closer to them expiring.
Guess I will also transfer off joker as my domains expire. I think those hard things come mainly from corenic. While I am sick with javascript on joker's homepage.
I have been trying since christmas to transfer a domain out of Joker onto my account at Opensrs.

I always get the e-mail from Joker asking for confirmation and always send it back correctly and then the process just runs out of time.
They don't seem to process them.

I e-mailed them today (in German) so hopefully I might get a response.
The only reason I am transferring it is to avoid their charge for change of registrant. I can do that for free on opensrs and as I am giving it away to a non profit I don't really want to incur any charges.

Crap, my domains run out somewhat soon. I have a bad feeling about this. I never really liked them, but at the time they had the price and I went for that.

*slaps self with trout*

The domain still works but as of now they haven't confirmed the renewal and the WHOIS still shows expires 2001-01-28.

If you don't renew they supposedly delete domains a month after they expire... They'd damn well better not just do nothing and let it expire...

It's nuts to wait weeks before trying to charge someone's credit card...
I got a response from Joker.
The domain was transferred.

I don't thinkl their automated system for registrar transfers works.

I also think communicating in German helped.

The domain is now in the new owners name without having to pay Joker's $25 registrant change fee.