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so ive looked at this from all diffrent angles,
and to be honest not everybody joins for money making, as anybody that has tryed this will have noticed, its just as hard to start a hosting company as it would be to start any other company,

this is what ive worked out,

Web Hosting = overcrowded
Reseller Hosting = overcrowded
VPS Hosting = ???
Domain Reselling = not even worth it, to many big companys
Dedicated Server Reselling = Could Be Worth It, But Hard...

So heres some plans i have come up with,
i was wondering if anybody could advise me as to would i fail before i start....


Virtualization: OpenVZ
Control Panel: VePortal
Disk Space: 40 GB
Bandwidth: 150 GB
Ram: 512 MB
IPS: 1
Price: £10.00 per month


Virtualization: OpenVZ
Control Panel: VePortal
Disk Space: 80 GB
Bandwidth: 300 GB
Ram: 1 GB
IPS: 1
Price: £15.00 per month


Virtualization: OpenVZ
Control Panel: VePortal
Disk Space: 160 GB
Bandwidth: 600 GB
Ram: 2 GB
IPS: 1
Price: £30.00 per month

so im going to try and provide as much info as possible, so people could give me respected replys,
im based in the uk,
i have been looking around diffrent datacenters, for dedicated servers...

i have decided to use esnet
mainly because they fit my needs,
but they also have everything i need.

so heres the question i have made up 3 plans, with prices,

please could people comment on this plans/prices,
and tell me if you think there ok,

i understand that people offer these kind of plans for like £5 but,
i wont be overselling, and dont want to use unrealiable servers,
i would rather that the servers are all running ok,

whats to point in paying for £5 for something if its going to go down,

i believe this comes down to a "you get what you pay for"

please could other people leave there comments about this an get back to me???

many thanx



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The only recommendation that i have for anyone thinking about venturing into the industry, i would say start locally. This has worked extremely well for us.


I think your pricing is good, and anyone that wants quality services will not hesitate to pay for a service that they can depend on.

If you're looking for a GREAT server provider I suggest checking out LiquidWeb.com or Virpus.com. Both have great servers and excelent uptime as well as top notch support.

I would advise that you STAY AWAY from Burst.net's reseller plan. Their support is terrible, and they expect you to either suspend and terminate your clients within 48 ours of being late on payment or, you have to pay for the clients server out of your pocket!