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How much space and bandwidth do you use?


Like mentioned in another thread, I'm looking at starting a free hosting company, but need more customer input.

How much space and bandwidth do you use? I know a basic website will only use no more than about 25MB's of webspace, and right off hand, I know that FWS.net doesn't use more than 10GB's bandwidth monthly.

What do you use? Keep in mind, this is what you actually use, not want!
Ah, Ok. I would've thought it used a lot more. that's pretty impressive that it only uses 10! :)
Currently, my main site is using about 260 mb space and averaging 9 gb/month transfer.

But the transfer seems to be subjective. Once upon a time I was using shared hosting and the same site was averaging between 60 - 100 gb/month resulting in frequent bandwidth overage charges, which tended to get expensive so I opted to get myself a dedicated server. Higher nominal cost, but with the much larger transfer allotment, the actual cost was reduced, plus it gave me greater control over what happens on the server.

Oddly enough, since going dedicated, my site has NEVER exceeded 15 gb/month even though it has grown substantially, and I have been able to host a dozen odd other sites for various people, yet the bandwidth for the entire server averages less than 30 gb/month.

I suspect some differences in the way various hosts measure bandwidth.
Most the people that I host use 100mb or less. There are some few that I've approved to have higher space limits though. In total, my free users use about 50GB of hard drive space.
Guys, I do find it hard to believe that FWS uses just 10 gb a month, it will usually have upto 1000 users on at a time. and while i dont know what your daily unique count is im guessing it cant be that far of 5,000 or more, thats got to use a bit more, even though you guys dont host a mass of pictures.??? im not sure, you tell me, but id be suprised if that was the case ( please correct me if im wrong, i hate being wrong :p )
I am guessing he got confused by my needs for a host.
I for one wouldn't even look twice at one of those "megadeal" hosts. I only need 10GB bandwidth, and I pay $10 a month for it happily :) At least I am 99% sure they will be there next month, next year ;) The "megadeal" hosts are the ones with most complaints, whether it be downtime, poor support or general complaints about attitude.
so, out of interest, how much bandwidth does a forum of this size actually use ?? from the speed im guessing its hosted on a dedi, but i dont know.... care to fill us in ? :)
Yes it is a dedi. Given that we average 1000 online at any time of the day (even now when most Americans are asleep ;))
Jan mentioned something about it in another thread.

FWS probably use more, but if it only used 10GB wouldn't suprise me at all inspite of 350 like Steelthy One's Upload site.

Images/Files takes like x 10 times the bandwidth, everycomputer that loads up the site in binary data which is mostly what the forums are made of, binary text.

Doesn't take as much bandwidth as images and other files does to load up, remember that the user also lose bandwidth when visiting uploading sites to watch Images/Files..
A good plan to offer your users is
1gb space
50gb bandwidth.

That way there are a few users who might need more of it but the users who aren't using it aren't messing anything up.
A good plan to offer your users is
1gb space
50gb bandwidth.


you gotta be kidding... 1gig space??? why would any site need 1 gig space unless it's a download/video streaming site?

Also 50 gig bandwidth for a free account is just unrealistic, unless the host is feeling uber-generous..