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hosting company for sale/ 3 arcades for sale


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Im selling the site www.mga-networks.com

It is an established webhosting company which also sells templates and custom sites for people.

We have been running about 6 months now and feel it is time that someone else takes it on as we would like to go off on other areas.

There will be 8 paying clients paying rounghly $90 per month and 2 others paying $45 a year between them.

We also sell sites and templates and have had an income of $120+ a month at worst.

This gives a yearly income of $2565 per year.

Forgot to mention, hosting included worth $400
We also have a custom website and a custom CMS worth roughly $350 itself.

The site has recived bery minimal traffic as we use forums and personally take time to talk to the client before selling so traffic is low.

The site has a few broken links so please let me expalin:
-Firstly our CMS link doesnt work. That is because we dont want customers to be able to access the CMS and change the look of the site.
-Templates. We have left templates blank as the buyer will need to set up a template monster account like we have had + many unique templates.
-Support. This is because the buyer may have differnet forms of support than we use.

Support can be sorted if need!

Looking for a fast sale so we will say $800 starting bid and $1800 BIN!!!

CHEAP for revenue and potential!


Im also selling the sites www.arcadeland.net, www.arcadex2.com and www.arcadeflash.info

arcadeland.net we have had for around 1.5 months now and have with no advertising brought stats up to 1000 uniques in our second month. There are 120+ games on the site but have around 1000 games that will come free with the site.
This is not a auction for this one so post offers here please, i will set a BIN of $450 due to high potential!

arcadex2.com we have had for 3 weeks now and uses the same SQL as arcadeland meaning that when one site gets new games all we do is copy the sql and both now have new games. This will also come with 1000 free games. We are getting lower amounts of uniques on this site so will look for offers or accept a BIN of $180

arcadeflash.info is almost brand new and have had it for about a week. This is the only one we have advertised on and are expecing low XXX to mid XXX a day. This will also come with 1000 free games! I will sell this site for $200 now as this site will boom within this month im sure.

Post all offer here

I will sell all arcade sites for $700 now or offer!
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arcadeland.net said:
Forgot to mention, hosting included worth $400
We also have a custom website and a custom CMS worth roughly $350 itself.
What if I don't want the hosting? or the cms?
Does that make a 750$ price cut on the opening bid price?
No, these are just values that i would sell them for on their own, if you do not wish to keep the hosting or use the CMS then that is up to you, but the price a bid is for it all.

very intresting, i wish i could buy it but i am low on cash this year :(
Good luck with the sales, they look very cheap especially the hosting comapany and arcadeland.net!
Yes i am selling .com very sorry about this. I need to keep the .co.uk as i have a partnership between 2 other people and must keep the .co.uk or it would cost too much to buy them out.

We will not be using the template that is currently on both sites as soon as this is sold. We will just have the domain.
arcadeland.net said:
Someone asked for this on another forum so thought i would post it here.

Sorry about the bad quality on the first one, had it in Bitmap then had to change it to jpg



www.arcaeflash.info has only been transfered to this server 3 days go and that was very late so thats why there is very small visitors. Stats will be expected to go higher than that.

Broken links. A Simple copy and paste job gone wrong...