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Hoping to find Answers


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Most places...I seem to find ...happen to be down..or for businesses only..

I don't mind the ads too much (other then the fact that they seem to clash with my very anime layout..unless they are popup then you can quickly dispose of them..)

I would try netfirms..but from what I see/understand it's business related..not sure if they'd accept personal sites...And I don't want to try and push it I guess.

So if anyone knows of a good host (with reasonable prices or free-ish..)

I tried looking for info in other previous posts with similar (? maybe?) problems...

Mine happens to be:

I bought a domain
I have no where to host it on..so it's just a name..

Trying 0catch or whatever it's called but I am feeling a little uneasy about it..probably with good reason..

So I guess I just want/need alternatives..Thank you!
How much webspace do you need? Does your site use a scripting language (PHP/ASP/Perl/CGI/etc)?
If you have an idea/estimate of how much transfer you're going to use a month that would help everyone come up with suggestions too. :)

Not sure on the space..I am submitting a lot of stories and what not on there..for others to read...

So that'll take up a nice heap of space after a while..and that's all it is along with like 12 or so other pages...

Emm..as far as the scripts I use..I pretty much expirement with it..learn ..but I haven't a real immediant need for all that..if it comes with one or some of those options sure...

Space wise..I haven't a real good estimate in mind..maybe something like 50 mb or so....(roughly speaking..I'm a little tired right now)

I don't exactly -need- pop3 email either..I just want space for my stories pages and freedom to do what layouts i need/wish to do as I am getting more and more 'advanced' as time goes on..


:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

As for transfer stuff..I am -REALLY- not sure...I have no idea..mostly because I make webpages and then give up on them..this is the first webpage I even bothered to get a domain for and what not..so ..sorta in the dark..:cry2:
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Well I used to go to Angelfire...

I go to the other two too sometimes..just to fiddle with ideas or what not. (Geocities not as much..)

Test the stuff out first and junk =) ... I just don't want the domain to go to waste so I am seeking a server for it =) ..so it isn't money wasted and all that good stuff..but thank you for the advice. Very appreciative yet agian.
Dare I ask why you bought a domain? Was it just so you could say you had one, or did you have some plan in mind about developing a site that would revolve around the domain name? More information would be helpful :)

If you had no plans for it then it could be wasted money, but if it is a good name you may be able to sell it later at a profit :)
Yes I have basic plan/idea of what I want to do based around the name..

It's partly around a story idea I have/had and the main part of the site is based on that idea. Hopefully going to try and make it blossom into something more like a m-board/forum (RP/Roleplay/game-type thing..with the help of some friends of course)

Probably sounds a bit foolish..
Well...I have -other- ideas too. Based around the name..

Plus I just -really- enjoy working with websites and doing new things..

but..I am going to go rest up.

I'll try to be more specific next time promise..so sorry =(..over tired..!

-runs for bed~-
I dont understand why people dont buy domains from somewhere like www.1t3.com or 101sitehosting.com so they can get there hosting taken care of.

Anyway, http://www.freehosts.r-us.biz/ will transfer your domain for free and host it for 6 months, 49$ a year after that.

Or you can try www.illusionfxnet.com but You dont need all the features. Keep searching though, your requirements are not impossible to meet like some.

Thank you..If I had known about those places you mentioned I would have gone.

I just went on a some advice from a friend of mine and it seemed like a good deal at a time (isn't it how it always starts out?) so due to my own ignorance I guess I got myself stuck.

Sorry. :eek: :(

Thank you for your help however.