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Help on how to start a forum?


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I would like to start a forum as i've heard you should download "php board" which i am able to do.I am currently with yahoo and i heard they don't support it. A person said to me i should find a free server such as "Lycos" to host the forum.

-Would you know some free host's able to host a forum
-Would you know the easiest way to install a "php board" or other recommended "forum board" you have in mind.

Any help is very much appreciated
Thank You
You could always use a remotely hosted forum, which wouldn't require you to install it (just change the colours etc.) and you could continue using your existing host.

MyIkonboard is quite popular, although there aren't many customisation options with the free version.
Please,i need more help as i don't want a free forum and would like my own. please help me on the detail's i specified in the origional post.
Well the main problem with installing a forum at a free host is that most of them have disabled all methods of sending mail, which makes user registration and password reminders problematic to say the least.

Even if sendmail or mail() is enabled at a host when you sign up, it doesn't usually take long for it to be disabled due to abuse.

Also, many free hosts also prohibit the use of forums and chat scripts on their servers.

Most remotely hosted forums do allow mail to be sent for registration and password reminder purposes, as they are able to limit it to those uses only.

Finding a forum script is the easy part, it's finding somewhere suitable to host it that's the problem.

Installation varies depending on which board you're using, and which host you're installing it at. There isn't a simple answer to your question, as you've asked it.
You have stated all the disadvantage's of hosting a forum on a free host,i am willing though to try it first hand and if it does'nt work out then so be it. Could you ask around or do you know anyone who knows a free host and a free forum script which would be best for my use.

Many Thank's
There are several threads in the "Free Webspace" forum about free hosts that support forums or mailing options.

Once you've found a suitable host, you can then visit HotScripts to choose a forum that will work with the features the host provides.

You may also want to check the forums or support area for the host to see if anyone has written installation instructions specifically for those users.
Hmm... almost all the people here want a free forum on a free host. There aren't many, you should consider some of the threads in the free webspace forums. :p
and most people love the thing that need no money

but i feel if you want to run a forums further you should get a

paid host finally;)
maybe from experience?
anyways i never hosted my forums on a free web host although i hosted my forums on a free account the hosts were giving away. you might want to check out hosting offers and see if anyone is willing to host you
Originally posted by Weirds
Don't ever waste time on it. Only paid forums will get large amounts of users.

there are of course, exceptions.. developed websites on free hosts often do have a community base in a forum. im not saying its gonn abe lik 50000 members but its enough to keep many new posts coming in each day.
Don't tell me 100 members with 20 active members and 80 registered users are good forums. Even in these forums, active members are just small amount of 8000 members.