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Help!! for professionals only


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Im not technician man so I need your help ...
If I have web site it is big,alot of pictures,200 visitor in same time,not Engilsh language,reborn 3 times in the day,Discussion Forum and alot of thinks need MySQL Databases also all php pages....

now I want good web host around $5.00 month

thinks to you........
Its about the cheapest dedicated server you'll find around at the moment.

If you want to be able to sustain 200 people on your forum at once, then you're gonna have to fork out a fair amount of money. Unless of course when you say 200 people, do you mean you have 200 forum members, rather than 200 similtaneous users browsing your forum.
I mean in the future 200 people registered and guests may browsing my forum at the same time .......

So 10GB OK for that ?? :rolleyes:
The problem isn't solely regarded to bandwidth. A forum of that size is going to be extremely CPU intensive. I don't think any shared hosting plan would be able to support it.

But as you haven't got the site up and running yet, I'd recommend hunting around for a smaller plan, with a company who will be able to offer you the chance to upgrade as required. There is no guarentee that you'll get that many visitors, so why spend money for data transfer and space you might not use.
Just a warning about iPowerWeb. My friend E-Mailed them to investigate if they really do offer 30 GB of transfer for that price and the answer is no. It's EXPANDABLE up to 30 GB. You really only get 20 GB. Also, the transfer upgrade is a bit pricy and it's sold in 5 GB blocks.
lots of picture, you should use a tool like imagesasap http://www.pegasusimaging.com/imagesasap.htm to compress uploading picture automatically. optimize 75% w/o loosing quality.

or you can try an free online service like http://www.netmechanic.com/GIFBot/optimize-graphic.htm#ses_sample

in your case, a p4 dedicated server with at least 256mb RAM is recommended . bandwidth at least 15gb, otherwise your site will be down.
you know i'm joining a forum with 300 online visitors, and admin needs a donation for dual 2.4gb p4 server with 50gb bandwidth + 512 mb ram in order to maintain the speed. it's horrible.

i wonder if it's really true that you have 200 online visitors and now you're asking for a $5 cheap shared hosting. how has your site survived up to now at such a high traffic ?

is there anything wrong with the counter?
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