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Got scammed by Host1free affiliate, where to report?


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Hi Guys,

I've signed up for Host1Free affiliate since Jan 2011, then I was trying very hard to refer people to use their free web hosting, and of course, to gain some money.

Everything worked very fine. I got about $200 on my account. Then they've changed their affiliate system and swiped out all of my referals. I got $0.

I've asked it on their forum to got an anwser, but then they've deleted my account, with reason: "Spammer".

It's been long time, but I got no time to talk about it.

I've reported my situatation to UK Consumer direct since they are UK company. But it is correct place to report?

Thank in advanced,


You're not safe.
do they have a 'higher up' to report to? I would look into that and report it to them. Otherwise not much else you can do


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Knew the report receiving and problem solving authority

Thank you ;)

Thank you. I have just filled a report ;)
Some of the sites simply telling spammer and delete the account. Now I knew the authority to complain. Problem would be solved more, I think!

Derek Flahost

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Even sites with only a few pages of html are claimed to be overusing resources and request users to upgrade.
What you think?

Travis Pessetto

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Change Hosts

I've heard quite a bit of bad things of Host1Free. Even there "free VPS" is just a month free. I would switch providers. Look at the Free Host list here. If anyone wants to switch to Great Host Network with a free/paid account contact support and we will see if we can transfer your pages without too much disruption.

If you have PHP scripts with mySQL we will try to bring over your databases and configure your scripts to work with ours too (unless it is a very complex custom script with no config file).

The Crasher

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