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  • 16 Gigabytes RAID 1 Storage
  • 160 Gigabytes Premium Level 3 Bandwidth on Tier 1 Connection
  • cPanel 11 with Fantastico De Luxe, Installatron, and RVSkin Manager
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • PHP 4 & 5
  • Ruby on Rails
  • LiteSpeed web server
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Yep, that's right. KH3 is one of the first of best free hosting sites! Now since you've heard of these great features you have one question in your head: Is this true?

Yes it is, and I have tested it myself.

The community is friendly to all users, even to rule breakers. We don't just ban them, instead we give a friendly warning and tell them that instead of this you could do that. Our community is active also, so it wont get you long to get enough posts for the hosting or KBucks. We DON'T have rude staff or members, you can be sure that nobody will be hating or flaming you. We don't require anything from you, only that you'd follow the forum rules that are quite small and leisurely. These are the basics, and I think they're better than on all other communities.

Is the free domain system true, you ask? Yes,it won't take you much time to get the domain, and of course it's true! I requested mine on Saturday, and got it on Monday! With all nameservers present! If it would be working day you would get it in 2 hours! That's amazing, isn't it? Ah yes! Forgot the main feature: you get the domain for one whole YEAR! Thats awesome!
How is the hosting, you ask? Is the speed good? Of course it is! I have 7 workers at a time and in 15-30 mins i can upload the forum completely! That's ultra uploading speed! It gets to 30 kb/s per file , that means 30 x7 = 210 kb/s! For downloading that's little, but uploading usually is about 50 bytes sec. Downloading speeds are even better.

So how about the hosting support?

It's as fast as the uploading speed! For each 15-30 mins they solve your problem! The staff also visits the forums every 15-30 mins so you wont have to wait anything to build visit your favorite website, make it or to update it to new features!
What more do you want from free hosting? :)
Andrey A. K. (Dritar)

So I've realized that tomorrow will be marking my first complete month with KH3 Hosting. I'm here to share my experience and what I thought of being with KH3 Hosting.

One thing I want to immediately mention is the speed of KH3 Hosting. Since migrating over to LiteSpeed, the pages of my sites seem to load a bit faster than other 'free' hosts. It doesn't stop at the loading of the pages, it continues on with pretty fast FTP Access, Customer Support, etc... There was a couple of times where it was slowing down, but it didn't last long and the problems were almost always rectified immediately.

Knowledgeable Customer Support.
With some free hosts, there are sad excuses that they use when they offer support, if any at all. KH3's support team usually have answers and repairs ready for you within hours of posting your issue, sometimes, you get your answers within minutes. It doesn't always have to relate to a technical issue on your server. If you have a question before considering to sign up with KH3 Hosting, you're more than free to do such things in the Support Section as well. Take me for example, I asked about some things about the T.O.S. before I wanted to sign up with KH3 Hosting. Ricardo-san, the administrator, clarified everything I needed to know.

Kind Community.
KH3 Forums has a collection of kind members. While there may be some pests now and then, you'll find that a majority of the members are more than eager to part-take in the conversations you spark up.

There are more reasons why I've had a pretty good experience with KH3 Hosting, but above are just some of the examples. I hope YOU enjoy your stay with the KH3 Family.

Since signing up, I have been treated great, with fast responses to my questions, and excellent customer service. The servers' speeds are extremely fast, loading my pages faster than before. (At my old host).
I cant imagine being with anyone else KH3.us takes all the hassle out of starting a new website because they have Fantastico De Luxe, and a great support forum where people can help one another out.
I would recommend KH3 to anyone who wants free web hosting with excellent uptime, and more features than the paid hosting.

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