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Free SMS......

da one

New Member
hey people....do u guys know a good place to go online so i can send FREE SMS?

i have used smspup and blueskyfrog..... but those only give u like 10 free sms at da start and then u'll either have to pay to send more...or going around searching for these stuff that they have to earn only 2 or 5 more free sms...

looking forwards to all of ya replies.....

thanks first
For some reason I recall ICQ having SMS capabilities? It's been a while since I've used the actual ICQ client (I use Trillian).

Please correct me if I'm wrong.
yeah u can send sms using ICQ...but i don't know why...i'm living in ozzie land...and well.....it said that it is available to like the 3 main networks...but one of them...which is optus....well i can only send to some optus number while da rest of the optus number i can't......don't know if it is my icq programs that is not letting me send.....or wether it is the icq network itself.....
but thankx people..i'll try all of da links that u guys have provided
The Aussie SMS is hard to find and those services I have tried won't work with Telstra, not sure about the other providers :confused:

I haven't tried this one http://www.mob1le.com/australia.html maybe you can let us know if it works.

If you have the newer ICQ versions and are not with Telstra, you can use SMS from there also.
yeah jan..i'll try ya site out
hmm...as for the new icq goes.....
well i have tried it...it works for all telstra and voda.....and only works for some optus number.....
Try www.gomo.com.au which is run by Strathfield.

It's easy to earn points from your website as well as it has a referralID, unlike the others that you can only refer manually.

I've earnt at least 300 points (1 point for each SMS) from my site.
hey asianDOC hmm yeah gomo is pretty good
i'm just wondering..u know in gomo....does it cost u 1 point to send an sms? cause i can't find information on it..and thankx jan...ya recommendation is good...www.gomo.com.au is good
this is kinda off topic... but any free sites out there that let me send a custom logo to my phone? that is, other than blueskyfrog