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Originally posted by Lovellz

will we get root access to the server ? also what Operating System u going to be using :) ?

I'm not sure about the root access but for the operating system, I'm quite sure it'll be Linux(Red Hat most probably, or *BSD) because I don't think Vegs wants to shell out $150 for Windows or more for Solaris. ;)
Today's the day, but I haven't been able to get my application in for the last 2 days due to a full inbox. I hope Mr Vegs decides to analyse the ideas of those applicants who posted in here before the deadline.

If not, good luck to all those who entered and may you enjoy the use of the servers. :)
Thank you for all applicants, we received such an excellent response on this. All servers has been given out except one external server (located in other noc). We will be looking through all applications again for this last server.

Thank you for all that applied and I apologize for those that applied but did not get the server.
Vegs, any chance of reading through my application at all? I've been trying to send it to you since the 17th, but your inbox has been full since then.
Well, congrats to the people that got the servers. I was really stupid and forgot to add the one thing that probably would have gotten me one too :( Ah well.
if there mail box is full and he is not saying anything anymore i think it was a first come first served basics. and since there dead line is done i will be waiting for the list of accepted members.
i think they have given the info out to the winners :confused:

anyways, good look on the remianing server.

/me hopes he gets it :chinese2:
Heh, dang, im late, could have really used one to get my gaming network set up. Great offer though, guess I should check these forums more often 8/.
Don't know Vegs personally, but, has it crossed anyone's mind that you might have just been scammed out of your ideas?
;) :confused: :biggrin2: :rolleyes: :D :chinese2: :confused2
Originally posted by TheSnitch
Don't know Vegs personally, but, has it crossed anyone's mind that you might have just been scammed out of your ideas?
;) :confused: :biggrin2: :rolleyes: :D :chinese2: :confused2

Do you have to create new account just to trash this thread? Why not use your real account? It is already bad that you attempt to trash this thread, and even worse you are doing it cowardly :angry2:

Servers have been given out for those who were approved, and to my observation, even a few hosting companies tried to obtain these servers :rolleyes: I mentioned that these servers may not be used for profit purposes.

We do this out of good intention and to promote ourselves, we receive all good words until some of you didn’t get the servers then the trash talk start coming. This is really sad.
Thats so true. It's a great thing you're doing here Vegs. (Even tho I wasnt approved, it still is!) I hope those who got servers enjoy them and make good use of em!!
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