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Originally posted by Vegs
Very good question :) No you may not :) I will update the info above.

There goes my submission. Now what can I do that warants a dedicated server....
Originally posted by netnexus
will we be allowed to run free hosting programs on it?

You proabably can host other sites but only hosting other sites will not be allowed. I guess...
Yes, you can run free hosting programs on it.

RLLbad is correct, you can not use the server to host websites for profit.
Well, what about if the site isnt FOR profit, but you do host an ad banner or something. Commission Junction or something?
Originally posted by shizzle
Well, what about if the site isnt FOR profit, but you do host an ad banner or something. Commission Junction or something?

I think Vegs actually means selling people space on the server.
*changes nick to ScepticalBear* :)

just had one question really... how long will the person(s) that get a server get it for? I don't want to apply for something if have to pay a few hundred dollars for it in the near future.
You will have the server as long as the project continues, something like a sponsorship offer :) but in a larger scale.
Are we going to be notified if our application has been denied? Or perhaps I'll just wait and if I don't hear from you by next month I'll presume I haven't been accepted...
I would just like to confirm my application.

Edit:// Your PM box is now full, and you have disabled the e-mail function. I have my application waiting here ready, so if there is an alternative means of contact, just post in here and I'll send the application to another location.

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hi all. first post :D wont be a stranger here either. defo interested int his. need some decent hosting other than my junk pipex free webspace. pm sent :)
PM Box Full


Also unable to post my application to your PM. Hope you will be emptying it before your deadline is upon those of us who haven't been able to post yet. I would imagine you already have a truckload, but I'm sure you know the best is yet to come. :eek:

Yeah could you please empty your inbox, and extend this for another day, so the people trying to contact you can. Or at least give us an email addy to contact you, because i have a great idea of what to use one of these servers for.
Good luck everyone for tommrow for the deadline :D hope the person/poeple who wins will offer the rest hosting for free too :cool:

will we get root access to the server ? also what Operating System u going to be using :) ?
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